How You Can Help

Thank you for reaching out and inquiring how you can help.  We have been overwhelmed and blessed by so many people wanting to help us out.  It has been a humbling yet special time as we feel God’s love flow through His people.

To be honest, it is difficult to ask for help because we have met personally or heard stories about so many families who are in much more difficult circumstances than we are.

With that said, first and foremost we covet your prayers!  We absolutely believe in the power of prayer and ask that you pray for complete healing for Lizzy, for peace and comfort for her, and for strength for us (Dennis and Lori).  Please also pray for Lizzy’s siblings – they have been so strong during this journey but we also know they love their little sister so much and need God’s love and support as well.

Beyond the prayers, here are some specific ways to help out:

  • Share this Blog site with others and encourage them to subscribe to the Blog. God is already doing amazing things through Lizzy’s story.  We have been amazed at the comments and messages we have received from all over the country.  We want as many people as possible to be on this journey with us, so please share this Blog site address ( with everyone you know and encourage them to subscribe!
  • Play time for Lizzy’s older sister.  Lizzy’s older sister has been wonderful through this whole process.  But at only 5 years of age, she doesn’t fully comprehend what’s going on or why Lizzy is getting so much attention.  If you are nearby and want to stop by and spend some time with her, that would be awesome.  Just call or text to make sure we are home.

As we come across other needs, we will post them here.  In the meantime, Lizzy LOVES visitors (as long as they are Healthy!), so if you want to come for a visit, just call or text to make sure we are home!

Dennis and Lori Brooks

502-639-3848 (Dennis) or 502-572-5027 (Lori)