It was time for surgery – time to get the “yucky” (Lizzy’s name for it) out of our little girl’s belly.

The whirlwind we had experienced in just the span of five days was dizzying – watching Lizzy and her 5 yr old sister be the most precious flower girls in the world on Sunday, going hiking up majestic mountains on Monday only to have Lizzy become ill and not be able to participate, deciding to go to an urgent care on Tuesday just to make sure Lizzy didn’t have appendicitis and ending the day by having her admitted to the hospital, spending Thanksgiving Day 1,000 miles from home in a hospital, to now today – Friday – surgery day. ¬†It all seems so surreal.

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2 tumors and a spot

On Wednesday morning we met the Oncology team, led by Dr. Franklin (attending), Dr. Ross (Fellow) and Dr. Mijer (Resident). ¬†The unexpected series of events continued – the CT scan revealed 2 tumors (not 1) and a spot on Lizzy’s pelvic bone that was of unknown origin. ¬†Both tumors appeared to be either coming out of or attached to the kidney and it would all need to be removed, including the kidney. ¬†And more scans were needed to determine what the spot was on her pelvic bone.

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Hello Children’s Hospital Colorado

We had made the decision to stay in Denver and admit Lizzy to Children’s Hospital Colorado. ¬†Our heads were still spinning as we drove from the Urgent Care to the Hospital. ¬†On the drive, we called our oldest son (who lives near Denver) and told him to go to Wal-mart, buy a car seat, and go to the hotel and pick up his 5 year old sister. ¬†She would need to stay with him and his wife until we could get Lizzy admitted. ¬†In the meantime our 2 middle boys and soon-to-be daughter-in-law were instructed to pack up all their stuff, catch an Uber to the airport, and get themselves on the 4:15p plane ride back home.

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