July ’20 Update and New Book

Hello Everyone –

I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this unprecedented time in which we are living.

Because of the pandemic, Lizzy’s regularly scheduled every-three-months scans were postponed by about 5 weeks, so instead of having scans in mid-April,  she had them in late May.  Obviously I have been remiss in sending out the results – sorry about that.

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A Thanksgiving Reflection

Today is Thanksgiving Day 2019.  In many ways, it looks like so many Thanksgiving Days that came before it.  I’m still married to my beautiful bride, Lori.  I still live at the same address I’ve called home for the past 15 years.  I still cheer for the Wildcats, I still drink too much soda, I still love watching sports and I still love eating pizza.

But as much as things are the same, they also are different.

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Scan Results and Podcast Debut!

On Wednesday, October 16, Lizzy had another set of scans.  She will have these scans every 3 months for the next 2 years.

So, on Wednesday, we made the familiar trek up to Cincinnati to see our good friends at Cincinnati Children’s.  Lizzy had an ultrasound, a CT scan, blood work and a flu shot!  We also met with Dr. Geller so he could examine her.  By the time everything finished and we drove back home, we had gotten the results of the ultrasound and the blood work – everything was clear and normal!

The CT results, on the other hand, had not come back by the time we got home.  Dr. Geller had given us a preliminary read and said he didn’t see anything suspicious, but he needed the radiologist to read it to make it official.  For some reason still unknown to us, it took over 48 hours to get the CT results.  Finally, late yesterday (Friday) afternoon, the official CT scan results were posted – all clear!!!  Thank you God!!!

As we celebrated what is now 3 sets of clear scans in a row (end of treatment in March, July, October) we also celebrated our Podcast debut!

Our pastor, Kyle Idleman, has been a huge support to us on this journey and he has a podcast where he interviews various people to tell their story.  The podcast is called One At A Time by Kyle Idleman and is available on every platform that has podcasts.

Lori and I were very humbled and excited to get to share what God has done in our lives over the past 8 years during our adoption and cancer journeys.  So, if you want to hear directly from the horse’s mouth (and the beauty’s mouth), here is a link to the podcast page.  Our episode is in Season 2, an episode called Praying Big Prayers: Naming It on 10/15/19.


We hope you enjoy it!!

Lori’s Surgery is Scheduled

I think I forgot to post this information.  Lori’s surgery is scheduled for this Thursday (10/3) at 10:30am.  We’ve been told to plan on spending most of the day at the physician office.

Thank you again for all of your words of encouragement and support, and especially your prayers for Lori.

I’ll post again after the surgery is finished.

I HATE Cancer

So I have an update to share with everyone, except this time it is about Lori.

Last week Lori went to the dermatologist (I think for the first time ever) to get a spot on the bridge of her nose checked out.  The provider looked at it and said it was “atypical” (meaning not normal), so she wanted to biopsy it and send it off for a pathologist to look at it.  The provider told Lori that even though it was atypical, she really felt like it was Basil Cell carcinoma, which is the most treatable and least aggressive of the skin cancer types.  My understanding is there are 3 basic types of skin cancer – basil cell (least aggressive and most treatable), melanoma (most aggressive, most serious, most dangerous) and squamous cell (somewhere in between basil cell and melanoma).

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Mice and Wildcats and Wolves, Oh My!

Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since last we conversed so I thought I should give you a brief update on our sweet Lizzy.  She is doing GREAT!  We continue to be amazed at her energy, her giving heart, and her incredible mind – she is constantly thinking, planning and “deal” making, and she has shown an incredible sense of leadership when she is among her peers, and even among those who are older than her.  Lori and I continue to watch and wait with eager anticipation to see how God will use this incredibly strong, resilient and caring young lady.  We just pray He gives us the strength to keep up with her!!

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Paying It Forward and Scan Results

Before I get to Lizzy’s scan results, I want to share with you what we were able to give to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital this morning at our visit.  The generosity from everyone who reads this blog, as well as many others, encouraged, inspired and enabled us to “Pay It Forward” in a unique way.

Lizzy with the donation of foam soccer balls and letters of encouragement filled with meal cards

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