July ’20 Update and New Book

Hello Everyone –

I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this unprecedented time in which we are living.

Because of the pandemic, Lizzy’s regularly scheduled every-three-months scans were postponed by about 5 weeks, so instead of having scans in mid-April,  she had them in late May.  Obviously I have been remiss in sending out the results – sorry about that.

I am so happy to report that once again, all of Lizzy’s scans and tests came back clear (or negative – whichever is appropriate)!  We continue to thank God for His healing touch upon Lizzy’s little body and elated that we have now passed the one-year mark of Lizzy being cancer free!

Her next set of scans have not been scheduled yet, but they should be occurring sometime in late August.  I promise to do a better job of being more timely with those results!

Also, by way of announcement, God really impressed on me to write Lizzy’s story. So, over the past year, I have been working on a manuscript.  Well, I’m pleased to report that the manuscript is finished!  I have been working with a professional editor/writer who has been a tremendous help, and she is now helping “shop” the manuscript around to different publishers.  I’ve also gotten a commitment from our Senior Pastor (who is a best-selling author) to write the forward to the book, so I’m really excited about that.

If you would like a preview of the book, I’ve included a link to the first three chapters HERE.  If you have time to read those chapters, I would love to get your feedback.  I would also love it if you would share that link with as many people as possible so that I can demonstrate to a publisher that there is an audience for the book.

Lizzy’s journey is an amazing story and one that allowed me to finally find the “peace that surpasses all understanding” that the Bible speaks of.  I’m excited to share that process with others and see what God does with this next phase of the story.

As always, thank you so much for all of your love, support and prayers!

10 Replies to “July ’20 Update and New Book”

  1. Well done good and faithful servant! Lizzie we ate all proud of your for courageous journey and thankful to the Lord to be healthy and with your loving parents today!

  2. Just recently I thought I need to reach out to see how Lizzy and the family are doing. I’m over the moon about the healthy progress and that you are writing this book. Time after time when I would read your updates I would pray Lord when this is over let this book be written as a testimony to Lizzy’s spirit and the strength of this whole family. Bless all of you.

  3. An absolutely amazing account of your journey to adopt your precious little girls! Those 17 pages went by SO quickly. I was disappointed when they were done, because I wanted to read more immediately. I am blessed to be able to say that I personally know this family and can say that I already know “the rest of the story”. What a touching, heartwarming rendition of your family love and Christian trials with your pathway to follow God’s directions.

  4. First of all, great news on Lizzy’s scans. Secondly congratulations on the steps you have taken to share the story! I look forward to reading, sharing and seeing how God will use this to His glory. Prayers and blessings. The Siegs

  5. I am sure that this will be an inspirational story, so my 12-year old daughter and I will be reading it together. Thanks Dennis!

  6. This is so fantastic! Can’t wait to read it! Love you all and so grateful for our friendship!

  7. Lori and Dennis I have tried to comment several times. Hope this takes. This is absolutely amazing to tell your story I sit here with tears in my eyes and praise God for you too.

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