Scan Results and Make-A-Wish Walkathon

Last week was time once again for our every-three-months set of scans for Small But Fierce Lizzy!  And as always, she handled it like a boss!

While we were sitting in the x-ray waiting room, we ran into friends of ours that we first met on the Oncology floor over a year ago.  The son of this family is about Lizzy’s age and they, too, were in Cincy for his every-regular-interval scans.  He and Lizzy played in the waiting room while Lori and I visited with the mom and dad.

They let us know they were about to go on their Make-A-Wish trip, and they, too, would be going to Disney World just like we did.  It brought back so many great memories of our trip, the motivation the trip gave Lizzy to finish treatments, and the wonderful bonding time we had as a family to just relax, play and have fun together.

Lori and I are once again sponsoring a team in honor of Lizzy for this years Make-A-Wish Walkathon.  We have increased our goal this year to $1,000 because we want to help grant as many wishes as possible to kids like Lizzy!

If you’d like to donate or join our team for the walk, click on this link:

We are so grateful for what God has done in and through Lizzy, and we love partnering with Make-A-Wish.  Thank you in advance to all of those who are able to partner with us.

Oh yeah, one more thing – all of Lizzy’s scans and bloodwork were CLEAR!!!!  Thank you God!!!  🙂

She continues to live life to the fullest!  There is no shortage of energy for this little mighty-might.  Ever!  She and big sis Treas keep us busy and on our toes all the time, and we are so blessed to be their mom and dad!

A day at the Circus! Thank you Make-A-Wish!!

10 Replies to “Scan Results and Make-A-Wish Walkathon”

  1. We still praise God for what He has done . Thank you God for keeping our Litzy healthy and strong. She truly is strong and courageous.

  2. Dennis & Lori,
    Praise God for the great news of Lizzy’s all clear! For the medical teams that helped heal this disease. For friends and family that came alongside you to fight something that wanted to take her life. For a God who never left your side in this battle and wanted to see her healed and whole! LORD, we pray for Your continued blessing on the Brooks family.

  3. What wonderful news for everyone ❤️ Once again our powerful and amazing God has given Lizzy the ALL CLEAR ❤️ He is a Waymaker and Miracle Worker’ ❤️What a blessing for all ❤️❤️❤️

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