Scan Results and Podcast Debut!

On Wednesday, October 16, Lizzy had another set of scans.  She will have these scans every 3 months for the next 2 years.

So, on Wednesday, we made the familiar trek up to Cincinnati to see our good friends at Cincinnati Children’s.  Lizzy had an ultrasound, a CT scan, blood work and a flu shot!  We also met with Dr. Geller so he could examine her.  By the time everything finished and we drove back home, we had gotten the results of the ultrasound and the blood work – everything was clear and normal!

The CT results, on the other hand, had not come back by the time we got home.  Dr. Geller had given us a preliminary read and said he didn’t see anything suspicious, but he needed the radiologist to read it to make it official.  For some reason still unknown to us, it took over 48 hours to get the CT results.  Finally, late yesterday (Friday) afternoon, the official CT scan results were posted – all clear!!!  Thank you God!!!

As we celebrated what is now 3 sets of clear scans in a row (end of treatment in March, July, October) we also celebrated our Podcast debut!

Our pastor, Kyle Idleman, has been a huge support to us on this journey and he has a podcast where he interviews various people to tell their story.  The podcast is called One At A Time by Kyle Idleman and is available on every platform that has podcasts.

Lori and I were very humbled and excited to get to share what God has done in our lives over the past 8 years during our adoption and cancer journeys.  So, if you want to hear directly from the horse’s mouth (and the beauty’s mouth), here is a link to the podcast page.  Our episode is in Season 2, an episode called Praying Big Prayers: Naming It on 10/15/19.

We hope you enjoy it!!

8 Replies to “Scan Results and Podcast Debut!”

  1. Bob & I finally got to hear the podcast.
    I cried. Oh my goodness. God is using your incredible testimony & faith journey to encourage so many. I loved the part where you shared about surrending it all to God & after that your fear was replaced with peace. What a blessing you both are! ❤️ To God be the glory.

  2. Each time I read the goodness of God working his miracles through your blog on Lizzy & Lori. What an amazing God we have. I have shared your tears & joy and feel blessed to read your journey through the good, the bad & the spiritual. I have so much to learn but your belief in prayer has shown me to praise God more then I ever could imagine. He is an awesome God. Thank You for sharing your story & you will be in my prayers always. God Bless Each one of you.

  3. Thank you Jesus for clear scans and clear blood work for Lizzy! Praying big prayers for Dennis, Lori, Lizzy and family as they continue on with your plans for their lives! Beautiful podcast with Kyle that will resonate with many. Thank you for being you and sharing your story!

  4. Listened to the podcast with tears running down my face. What a testimony all of this is. God wants our yes but more than that he wants our will to be his will for our lives. When we finally really understand that God is Good, God is Love and he wants the best for us, it changes everything. It’s hard to really trust God or anyone when you don’t know if they have your best interest at heart and once we all get that, there is a trust and a peace we can live in. Continued prayers for the entire Brooks family. It’s truly an inspiration to the faithfulness of God.

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