Successful Surgery But A Lot of Pain

Lori had successful surgery today to remove the skin cancer on the bridge of her nose!  We are so thankful to God that she only had to have 1 surgery to get rid of all of the cancer.

Getting ready for stitches!

She wound up with 13 stitches straight down the middle of her nose.  Dr. Brown and his team at Associates in Dermatology were fantastic – very caring and professional.

Once she was all stitched up, we headed for home!

On the way home, with numbing medicine still working

Unfortunately, as I write this, the numbing medicine has worn off and we haven’t been able to stay in front of the pain.  Lori was instructed to use extra strength Tylenol as needed, but it hasn’t really made a dent in the pain.  My wife is as tough as they come, so for her to say it hurts more than anything she’s ever felt, I know she is in a lot of pain.  So, we are praying for pain relief as soon as possible and that she can get some sleep tonight.

We know God’s got this and we are so thankful the cancer is gone!  We will rejoice and be glad!!

10 Replies to “Successful Surgery But A Lot of Pain”

  1. Lori, we have been praying for you today. We are thankful the cancer is gone and pray for your comfort & complete healing. ❤

  2. Praising the Lord for successful surgery and praying the pain would resolve quickly and that her healing would be miraculous !

  3. Lori, you are amazing…smiling through it all. May the pain subside now in Jesus name! May your healing be quick and complete. Thank God for great doctors and His ever loving care for us.

  4. Glad it is over for Lori. Jim has had the same surgery {MOHS} the last two Wednesdays in a row in Knoxville. He is healing up quickly. Hope Lori does also.

  5. So thankful it went well! Praying that this morning has brought the relief you need from any pain. Sorry it was so painful 😕

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