I HATE Cancer

So I have an update to share with everyone, except this time it is about Lori.

Last week Lori went to the dermatologist (I think for the first time ever) to get a spot on the bridge of her nose checked out.  The provider looked at it and said it was “atypical” (meaning not normal), so she wanted to biopsy it and send it off for a pathologist to look at it.  The provider told Lori that even though it was atypical, she really felt like it was Basil Cell carcinoma, which is the most treatable and least aggressive of the skin cancer types.  My understanding is there are 3 basic types of skin cancer – basil cell (least aggressive and most treatable), melanoma (most aggressive, most serious, most dangerous) and squamous cell (somewhere in between basil cell and melanoma).

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