Mice and Wildcats and Wolves, Oh My!

Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since last we conversed so I thought I should give you a brief update on our sweet Lizzy.  She is doing GREAT!  We continue to be amazed at her energy, her giving heart, and her incredible mind – she is constantly thinking, planning and “deal” making, and she has shown an incredible sense of leadership when she is among her peers, and even among those who are older than her.  Lori and I continue to watch and wait with eager anticipation to see how God will use this incredibly strong, resilient and caring young lady.  We just pray He gives us the strength to keep up with her!!

We’ve had a busy few weeks since her CLEAR scans in July.  Since those scans, Lizzy turned 6, she was a special guest of honor at the Make A Wish Gala, we’ve welcomed an Exchange student into our home, her big brother Colson moved into his “dorm” (I use the term “dorm” loosely – having your own room to sleep in and sharing a bathroom with only 1 other person is not what I consider a dorm – but at the University of Kentucky these days, that’s one of the many on-campus choices for freshmen!), and after we moved Colson into his dorm, we spent some time at Great Wolf Lodge to help ease the pain of seeing our baby boy off to college!

Lizzy’s next set of scans will be in October.  Until then, we will continue to rejoice in the healing she has received and continue to praise God, from whom all blessings flow.

Here are some pictures you might enjoy to highlight some of Lizzy’s activities:

Derby may be over, but Lizzy is still stylin’ with the hat!
2 peas in a pod!
Mom and Dad were privileged to join the Princess at Make A Wish Gala
The Princess!!
Enjoying Mega Cavern with our Exchange student before we took big brother Colson to UK
The sign says it all – Blasting Signals indeed!!!
We came looking for wolves or bears (or something like that!)
Found one!
Water, water everywhere!!

9 Replies to “Mice and Wildcats and Wolves, Oh My!”

  1. It is a privilege to live in the same neighborhood, I get to pray for you all often as I pass the house! What wonderful new memories you all are making! Such joy and beauty, but boy oh boy I think if those two are like my grand babies you need lots of energy to keep up!!! I call my littlest one a tornado. She whirls around changing everything in a moment!
    Praise God for the blessing!!!!

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