Paying It Forward and Scan Results

Before I get to Lizzy’s scan results, I want to share with you what we were able to give to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital this morning at our visit.  The generosity from everyone who reads this blog, as well as many others, encouraged, inspired and enabled us to “Pay It Forward” in a unique way.

Lizzy with the donation of foam soccer balls and letters of encouragement filled with meal cards

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If It’s July, It Must Mean It’s Time For Scans

Hello everyone – it has been awhile since last we spoke.  I hope you are doing well and are enjoying your summer!

Lizzy is doing well.  Her hair has started to grow back, she has enjoyed restarting swim lessons, and she and big sis Treasure even went to a Moana dance camp!  They had a blast.  Liz and Treas also spent several hours last Saturday running their own lemonade stand to raise money for Make-A-Wish.  They did a great job and raised $60!!  Lori and I are very proud of both of them.

Lizzy and Treasure waiting for customers at their lemonade stand

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