Make A Wish and Give Kids The World Village

Have you ever had an upcoming event or vacation that you were really looking forward to?  In fact, you were so looking forward to it and anticipating how awesome and incredible it would be, that you starting imagining the most perfect trip and began setting up these expectations in your mind that were actually unrealistic.

The trip happened and even though it was great, it didn’t quite live up to your expectations because you had set the bar too high and the trip just couldn’t deliver and meet those unrealistic ideas you had.  Has that happened to you?

Well, guess what?  That DID NOT happen to us on our Make A Wish trip to Give Kids The World Village in Orlando.

Oh, we had high (unrealistic) expectations.  We had heard from several people about Wish trips and how we would be treated like royalty.  We heard about some of the perks (like no waiting in line at Disney and Universal) and we heard that Make A Wish really took care of everything.

And we were sooooo looking forward to this trip.  The thought of this trip helped sustain us during the last couple of months of treatment.  And the idea of going on a trip and not having to worry about clinic visits, or treatments, or radiation, or hospital admissions, or needle sticks, or – the list goes on and on and on.  So, we built this trip up to be something spectacular.

Well, not only did Make A Wish and Give Kids The World Village meet those (unrealistic) expectations, they EXCEEDED them!!!!

Never in my life have I experienced being treated like royalty at every turn like we were on our Wish trip.  Every time we asked a question, the answer was “Yes”.  Whatever our need was, it was met.  It was as if an entire army of people were there just to cater to our specific family and make our dreams come true!

I don’t really have the vocabulary to express what an incredible trip this was.  There are so many stories to tell, so many special moments, so many memories that will last a lifetime.  It was priceless.

I will attempt to write more in the days and weeks ahead, but for now, let me just say this:  Make A Wish and Give Kids The World Village – you made dreams come true for a cute, energetic Small But Fierce little 5 year old and her family, and we are forever grateful.  THANK YOU!!!

Here is a very small sampling of the hundreds of photos we took during the week (I will try to post more later – I didn’t realize how involved it was to get these photos posted to the site.)

Pilot Lizzy (assisted by big sis Treasure) got us to Orlando safe and sound
We took an airboat ride in the swamps around Orlando . . . .
. . . . and saw real, live alligators just a few feet from the airboat!
Mayor Clayton governs Give Kids The World Village
Lizzy’s favorite spot to eat in the GKTW Cafeteria – right next to the Ice Cream Stand!
We met Mickey and Minnie!
My Queen in front of her castle!
This is how we felt all week – a fireworks celebration!

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  1. I’m in tears of joy for all of you. Such a well deserving trip. May God continue his blessings on all of you. You’re all in my daily prayers. God Bless

  2. So thrilled your special trip exceeded your wildest dreams and expectations. God is so God. So thrilled for the special organization “MakeA Wish.”

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