WOW! What. A. Party!!!

Amazing!  I don’t have the words to adequately describe what a great End of Chemo Party we had yesterday.  It was joy-filled exuberance and exaltation all wrapped up in a crazy blur of an afternoon that was better than we had hoped.  At the end of the day, we were exhausted (I logged over 18,000 steps on my FitBit), but it was the good kind of exhaustion – the kind that’s worth it and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Of course, a party like this doesn’t happen by accident, and this one was no exception.  My wife Lori was the mastermind behind the whole thing and what she put together and pulled off was nothing short of miraculous.  The whole thing went off without a hitch and we loved every minute of it.

I know I will forget some people, so I ask for your forgiveness right up front.  Age is catching up to me!  With that said, a big shout out to Playground Inflatables for a great deal on the Bounce House and Sno Cone machine; Marty Goldsmith for the chocolate fountain (Lizzy’s only request for the party), and my friend Scott Walker for the incredible balloon animal creations.  And of course, the whole event took place at Watkins United Methodist Church, which was very generous to open their facilities to us.  Lizzy was a student at Watkins Preschool when she was first diagnosed, so it brought everything full circle to have Lizzy celebrate her End of Chemo there.

Lori had some very special people who stepped up and helped in so many areas, including Jane Parker with the balloon archway and decorating, Angie Lewis who helped in many ways including blowing up balloons and organizing the food; Rose Chanley who helped organize the food and sno cone machine; Grandma (Sue Jones) with shopping and party favor bag stuffing; and Grandmother (Barbara Brooks) with additional food for the party.  Afterwards, the Essex family, the Sheets family, the Parker family and the Ward family all helped us clean up – THANK YOU!

I could go on and on, but please know we really appreciate everyone who came, and even if you couldn’t come, we appreciate all of the texts and emails and FB messages we received throughout the day.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are about 22,000 more “words” –

Balloon columns mark the entrance to the party! Shout out to Mr. Scott for the creation!
This is her party and she is so happy to see you!!
The entrance to the party! Thanks Jane for a great balloon archway!
This sign says it all
The Disney Princesses bounce house – with a Princess already inside!
Lori and her party planning helpers!
Did someone say Chocolate Fountain? This was Lizzy”s one and only request for the party!
Mr. Scott and his amazing balloon animal creations!
Another amazing balloon animal creation!
Shout-out to the Chanley family for stepping up and running the Sno Cone machine!
The party is in full swing!
Just a small sampling of the food
Our heartfelt Thanks to all of you who have journeyed with us
Thank you for your Prayers – it is what sustained us!
How can we pray for you? Please let us know.
A family that eats together stays together!
Ms. Sherrie came all the way from Cincinnati to celebrate with her bestie!
Momma is proud of her boy!
Lizzy brought stickers to hand out to everyone who attended
So proud of these two!
So proud of our son and daughter-in-law who led us in worship! Also loved having John Bizianes on the keys and Andy Page on the drums – and of course, Colson manning the laptop!
Our Motto during this entire journey
I think someone found the Chocolate Fountain!!

8 Replies to “WOW! What. A. Party!!!”

  1. I am so happy for Lizzy that the party was such a joyful experience!! Your family is much loved and appreciated! Your unwavering faith is so encouraging:)

  2. I’m so sorry that I had to miss the celebration. It looks like your princess was celebrated in wonderful ways! I’m so happy and so thankful for her healed little body! I continue to pray daily for God to continue to protect her ❤️

  3. It makes me soooo happy to see the smile on Lizzy’s face. Priceless! I will continue to pray for Lizzy and I know God has hugs plans for her. To God Be The Glory Great Things HE has done. God Bless you all. Now time for some rest.

  4. What JOY!!!!! How I wish we could have been there to celebrate such a wonderful point in all of your lives. Thank you for sharing the pictures. What an awesome party. Hugs to all of you.
    Deb & Brian

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