Once Again, the Port is OUTTA HERE!!

After 9 months of treatment, multiple accesses, countless amounts of fluid flowing in and out, and being a constant reminder of the battle she was in, Lizzy’s port has successfully been removed!!  She was so excited yesterday as we got ready to go to the hospital – she picked out a special shirt that was made just for her .  .  .

The shirt says “Lizzy small but FIERCE”

And that is who she is.  She is a Fierce Warrior who is tougher than anyone I know.  Yet she has the most kind, caring and loving heart – she is always listening and trying to figure out ways to help others and bring comfort to them.  Especially her big sis Treas!

On the way to surgery (4/3/19)!

As I reflect back on this journey, I think back to the first picture I took of Lizzy on the way to surgery –

Lizzy on the way to her first surgery (12/4/17)

As I look at these two photos, something really strikes me.  Do you see Lori in both photos?

In the 2017 photo, Lori is in the bed with Lizzy, holding her and praying over her.  And Lizzy is cuddled up in her arms, not wanting to see where she is going.

In the 2019 photo, Lori is walking behind the bed, carrying Lizzy’s stuff.  Oh, she is still praying over Lizzy, but something is different.

In 2017, we were scared, bewildered, desperate, clinging to a faith that we hoped was real but in the moment of crisis it was being tested.  We needed to be carried.  We needed someone to show us the way.

Eighteen months later, we confidently know God is leading the way.  Our faith is real and we survived the test.  We can now follow because we know God’s got this.  And Lizzy can open her eyes and look to the future and eagerly anticipate where God is going to lead her.  And know that God loves her and protects her and heals her and guides her.

We can all walk more confidently now.  Not in our own strength, but in God – in His strength, in His ways, in His peace, in His love.

And we also know that after a battle, God gives us rest and restores us.  Just like our little princess warrior, who rested beautifully after the surgery.

Lizzy resting peacefully after her port was removed

Thank you God!  We love you and we are yours!!

6 Replies to “Once Again, the Port is OUTTA HERE!!”

  1. Lizzy is Fierce! Great analogy of your families “Faith Walk” over the past 18 months. Thanks for sharing and allowing many others to experience God working in our lives through your family.

  2. What an incredible testimony! God is going to use your story to bless and encourage others for years to come. Thank you for being sharing! So excited for His plans for Lizzie! ❤️

  3. With God all things are possible. This has been an amazing journey to follow. , the Faith in God, along with the courage, strength & love you have in God & Family. Dennis, Lori & Lizzy May God continue his blessings upon you & all of you family.

  4. I’m so grateful that God answers prayers. This journey your family has gone on will make a great inspirational book for others that will have to walk in your shoes or is currently walking in those shoes. Thank you for showing us all how Big God is in the beginning, the middle and at the end of this hard journey. Never wavering, always trusting in the one who always has our lives in His hands. Can’t wait to celebrate God saying Yes, Lizzy I got you!

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