An Update

It’s Saturday and Lizzy is still in the hospital. She was admitted Monday because of an infection she got when she stubbed her big toe. The antibiotics have knocked off the infection, but her ANC bottomed out to 0 (meaning she basically had no immune system) and it’s just been a real struggle for her body to get that ANC number back up to the threshold she has to have in order to be discharged.

The reality is her poor little body has just been pummeled by the chemo drugs.  She’s a fighter and she’s gonna get there, it’s just hard.  We’ve seen her ANC go from 0 to 30 to 60 to 140 to today where it is 160. The doctors want to see two days over 200 so it’s doubtful she will come home tomorrow.

Her final chemo dose is still scheduled for this Monday and we’ve not been given any indication that will change. She might just end up getting that dose as an inpatient instead of as an outpatient as originally planned.

We were so blessed to have the Young’s stop by for a visit yesterday. They were in Cincy with 2 of their kiddos and Lizzy really enjoyed getting to play some games with sweet Havyn!  And they brought us food!!

Lizzy and Havyn playing a game

So, once again we find ourselves waiting.  Yes, it’s frustrating, but after all we’ve been through, this is just a little bump in the road. Do I want my girls home? You betcha! And Lori and Lizzy want to get home and see Treas and Colson. But if I’ve learned anything over these past 18 months, I’ve learned that God’s timing is perfect. So, as frustrating as it can be to wait, I will do my best to wait with joy. To look for opportunities to bring comfort and hope to others. To praise God and let others know what a great God we serve.

And there are great signs of hope.  Lizzy’s eyebrows and eyelashes have grown back in, and she’s got little peach fuzz growing on her bald head!  She keeps the Child Life Specialists very busy with her artwork and sand art creations, and the intense games of soccer in the hallway are a thing legends are made of!  There is never a dull moment, that’s for sure!!

So, we wait a little bit longer.  This will just make the party at the end of all of this that much sweeter!!

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  1. God is definately watching over sweet Lizzy & all of you. He is a Mighty God. Keeping all in prayer 🙏🏻 Sending Love ,Hugs & Prayers

  2. Your family was lifted up in prayer Sunday morning by all of the Early Childhood Volunteers. The day is coming soon that your family will be together again, back home, Praising God! Your updates are always welcomed and appreciated.

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