2 BIG Announcements

Lizzy’s final inpatient treatment has concluded and all went well.  As I previously mentioned, she will have an outpatient treatment next week, and a FINAL treatment (also outpatient) the following week, and that will conclude her treatments!  A new set of scans will follow a couple of weeks later, and then surgery to remove her port, and then it is time to party!!!!  So, with that in mind, Lori and I are excited to share the following announcements with you:

  1. We are hosting an “End of Chemo Celebration” on Saturday, April 13 from 1p-4p.  We haven’t found a location yet, but it will be somewhere here in Louisville.  Once we confirm a venue, I will post an update to the Blog.  EVERYONE IS INVITED – PLEASE COME JOIN US!!!  There are so many of you we want to thank in-person, some of you whom we haven’t met and we want to meet you, and all of you we just want to hug you and tell you Thank You.  The party starts at 1p and around 2p, we are going to have an extended time of worship, led by our middle son, Collier, and his wife Michaela.  We also have enlisted my former piano teacher, Mr. John Bizianes, on keys, and the man who needs no introduction, Mr, Andy Page, on drums.  God has sustained us and blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined during this journey, so we are going to Rock It Out as we Praise Him and Thank Him for all He has done for us.  I so can’t wait for this!!!
  2. Lizzy has qualified for a Make-A-Wish trip!!  If you are like us, when we were first approached about Lizzy applying to MAW, we thought “No way, those trips are for kids who have a terminal diagnosis and Lizzy doesn’t have a terminal diagnosis”.  Well, it turns out that Make-A-Wish sponsors wishes more broadly than we realized.  From their website “We create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses”.  So, we applied and when we met with the representatives, Lizzy had already decided what she wanted her wish to be.  It’s now official – Lizzy has been granted her wish.  And that means in late-April, WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!  We are still finalizing the exact details, but what we know is the MAW organization has granted us (the 5 of us who live in our home) an all-expenses paid trip to see Mickey and Minnie and the whole gang.  We are beyond excited and so looking forward to a vacation and a time to relax and just watch Lizzy and Treas (and Colson) just be a kid – and not worry about blood counts, or scans or chemo or anything of the things that have consumed us for the past 17 months.  Thank you Make-A-Wish, and thank you to any of you who have donated to this organization so that wishes can come true!!

Well, that’s our big announcements.  We really, really, really hope you can join us on April 13 for the party, and especially for the worship time.  We love you all and we are so blessed that you are a part of our lives.

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  1. Wow such great news I hope you all have a great time at Disney what a special blessing. Still praying for you all the next few weeks.

  2. Praise the Lord, you all deserve that trip. God granted that wish now enjoy. God Bless you all and I couldn’t be happier for you. Lizzy is your Easter Blessing with a miracle healing. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. This fantastic news! Praise God for his goodness and mercy! So excited you have trip to Disney to make memories and celebrate! It sounds like a blast!

  3. So happy to hear. Thank you God!! You are so good. The Blankenbaker is run by a family at Hikes Point Christian and I am going to get details and forward!

  4. This fantastic news! Praise God for his goodness and mercy! So excited you have trip to Disney to make memories and celebrate! It sounds like a blast!

  5. God is AWESOME! I am confident that your family’s faith has touched many people through this difficult journey and God will use those experiences. See you April 13th.

  6. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers! What are you going to do next Brooks family? We are going to Disney World!!! What a perfect wish from such a well deserving, precious warrior! The Tibbs family can not wait to celebrate with you on the 13th! Love to all the Brooks!

  7. How wonderful that the treatments are almost over! Praising God with you! So excited for your family that you get to go to Disney World!

  8. What wonderful news! So happy for Lizzy and all of you to be nearing the end of treatment and to have such great things to look forward to. Sending much love from MN!

  9. The Morris’ are so happy to hear this. Thank you God for sunstaining the Brooks family. Thank you for end of treatments. Thank you for making a wish come true for our Lizzy. Pray you all enjoy this trip and family time. God bless you all!!!

  10. God be praised!! I weep tears of great joy for you all!!
    You have embodied faith and grace throughout this long painful process!!
    How wonderful to get such a gift for Lizzy and all you who lived through the dark days of cancer.
    Give Goofy a hug for me . He’s my fave!!

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