The Final 3 Week Cycle Has Begun!

After several weeks of delay due to low platelet counts, Lizzy was admitted this morning in Cincy to begin her final 3 week treatment cycle!!  Her counts were just barely high enough today, but it was enough and that’s all that matters!  Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed so earnestly for her counts to go up!

With the admission today, the clock starts ticking toward end of treatment.  She will receive chemo today, then be discharged tomorrow.  Next week, she will get an outpatient treatment, and the following week she will get an outpatient treatment, and then TREATMENT IS FINISHED!!

After the last outpatient treatment, we will wait about 2 weeks and then she will get a set of scans to establish a new baseline to use as comparison for all subsequent scans over the next few years.  About 2 or 3 days after the scans, she will have an outpatient surgery to remove her port, and then we are finished!

We have 2 exciting announcements about upcoming celebrations, so watch for another post (hopefully tomorrow) detailing those events.

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  1. Praise God for answering our prayers for Lizzy. Continued prayers for remaining treatments & strength for sweet Lizzy . God is an awesome God ❤️🙏🏻

  2. Lord Jesus, thank you for all you have done for Lizzy and her family. We thank you that she is finally at the end of her journey. Take her to the end and heal her back to normal for her little age. We thank you that your the Great Physician and you have totally been in charge of this case from the beginning. We love you Lord and Thank You for being our Daddy God. Amen

  3. Thank you our Heavenly Father for giving Lizzy strength and for blooming counts high enough today she could have her treatment. We know You are all powerful and love the little children. We praise you for your watch and care over Lizzy and her family. Amen

  4. Thank you Father for giving this family the faith, strength , courage, and all they have needed to get through this time with precious, Lizzy. You are an awesome and loving God. Please continue to give them all they need. Thank you for letting me get to know and love their Mother and Grandmother, Barbara. She is truly a sister to me and a strong Godly woman as well as her family. Love and prayers continue for all. Shirle

  5. I am so glad it is almost over. I know that will be a wonderful day for celebration!
    If you a are interested in doing some natural things for Lizzy after her treatments are finished The Natural Health Library on Facebook is a great place to find out about how to go about it. There is a file on it dedicated to cancer. May our God continue to bless your sweet Lizzy with healing and in her future with a life of service to Him.

  6. It’s awesome to see Little Lizzie still fighting!! She is definitely in this to win and it’s great to be seeing the bright light beginning to shine at the end of the tunnel . I’m looking forward to hearing all the good news that’s waiting to be revealed down the road.
    Rest well Lizzy and the prayers will continue for you to have a pain free and exciting summer!

  7. That is wonderful news. Such a strong little lady. Prayers are continuing for God to handle this and get her back to a healthy little girl.

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