Party Details and Lizzy’s Next Steps

Here are the details for Lizzy’s “End of Chemo Celebration”.  The event will be at Watkins Preschool, which is a ministry of Watkins United Methodist Church.  This is where Lizzy was enrolled when she was first diagnosed, and it is where she will be returning in just a few weeks!

The address of the Preschool is 9800 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40241.  The celebration will be from 1p-4p on Saturday, April 13.  There will be a special time of praise & worship starting at 2p.  We will have a bounce house, some light snacks, and a chocolate fountain!  (that last one was Lizzy’s special request!).

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An Update

It’s Saturday and Lizzy is still in the hospital. She was admitted Monday because of an infection she got when she stubbed her big toe. The antibiotics have knocked off the infection, but her ANC bottomed out to 0 (meaning she basically had no immune system) and it’s just been a real struggle for her body to get that ANC number back up to the threshold she has to have in order to be discharged.

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Potential Crisis Averted

Today (Tuesday) has been a good day for Lizzy.  Overnight her hemoglobin dropped so she received a blood transfusion this morning.  With more red blood cells running through her body, all of her muscles and organs are getting the oxygen they need.  And with more oxygen comes  . . . . . you guessed it – more energy!!!  The girl has been a little dynamo all day!!

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2 BIG Announcements

Lizzy’s final inpatient treatment has concluded and all went well.  As I previously mentioned, she will have an outpatient treatment next week, and a FINAL treatment (also outpatient) the following week, and that will conclude her treatments!  A new set of scans will follow a couple of weeks later, and then surgery to remove her port, and then it is time to party!!!!  So, with that in mind, Lori and I are excited to share the following announcements with you:

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