No Dice – But We Finally Have a Plan

Well, the counts weren’t high enough today so there won’t be an admission tomorrow.  However, we are going to go ahead and move forward with a plan, so that is good news!

When the case manager called today, she said Lizzy’s platelets were trending upward, so the care team discussed it and they want us to go ahead and come to Cincinnati on Monday for admission.  They are hoping (and we are praying) that the upward trend continues and by Monday her counts will be high enough that she can tolerate the chemo.

So, according to this plan, she will be admitted Monday and receive treatment on Monday.  She will be discharged on Tuesday, then have outpatient treatment the following Monday and a final (outpatient) treatment the following Monday.  And with that, treatments will be finished!!!!!!!  We will still have a set of scans to go through as well as surgery to have her port removed, but everything is contingent on getting this final admission started, so we are eager for it to happen!

Lori and I so appreciate each of you.  Your continued words of encouragement, texts and notes are so incredibly special to us.  And we know you all have continued to keep Lizzy in your prayers – thank you!  If you wouldn’t mind, please especially pray this weekend for her counts to continue to rise so that the admission on Monday can happen as planned.

Man, oh man, are we going to have a big ole party to celebrate once this is all over!!!!

8 Replies to “No Dice – But We Finally Have a Plan”

  1. Come on platelets! When you go on a journey such as the one Lizzy has been on you learn two things: One, you are stronger than you ever imagined and two, you are loved more than you ever knew. The Brooks family is greatly loved and we can not wait to celebrate with you!

  2. Lizzy, you have been so brave & strong! We can’t wait to celebrate the end of treatment with you! Hang in there just a bit more. You are so close to the finish line! ❤️
    God’s got this! 🙏
    We love you! 😊

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