Weekly Update – We Can See the Finish Line!

This week has been “routine”, which now means Lizzy had her blood checked, Lizzy had transfusions, Repeat.

It’s kind of weird how, if you told me 2 years ago that my daughter was going to have 3 blood transfusions in the span of 3 days, I would have probably freaked out.  But now, my daughter had 3 blood transfusions over the span of 3 days this week and I consider it a “routine” and “uneventful” week.  Amazing how our experiences change our perspective.

On Monday of this week, Lizzy had her blood checked and within 30 minutes, we got the call.  Her ANC was 0 (i.e. she has no immune system), her platelets were 1 and her red blood cells were low.  So, she and Lori took off to the Novak Center here in Louisville so she could get a transfusion of platelets and of blood.  As you may recall, previous transfusions of platelets resulted in Lizzy spiking a fever, which resulted in an admission.  This time, Lizzy did not spike a fever and she was able to come home Monday evening (Thank You, God!).

Today (Thursday) it was time to check her blood again.  While her ANC remains 0, her red blood cells were at an acceptable level.  However, her platelets were low again so she and Lori once again made the trip to the Novak Center here locally and she received a transfusion of platelets.

Lizzy is feeling great and acting, well, acting like Lizzy!  Full of energy and (sometimes) mischievousness, she ALWAYS keeps Lori and I on our toes, and usually gives us lots of good laughs along the way!

As of tomorrow, we have 4 more weeks of treatment, followed by weekly checks of her blood counts until they recover, then a new set of baseline scans 2-3 weeks after the last treatment, and then finally an outpatient surgery to remove her port.  We are oh so close.  The excitement is building!!

As always, thank you so much for all of your love and support.   As Paul says in the book of Philemon, “I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers.”

9 Replies to “Weekly Update – We Can See the Finish Line!”

  1. So glad that Lizzy is feeling like herself and that the end is in sight. Love to you all and we will continue to pray for you all. 💜

  2. That little pixie of yours is such a trooper! She’s going to have one giant sized testimony to tell one day! Praising God for His richness and blessings for your Lizzy!!

  3. Continuing to cover Lizzy and your family in prayer and praising Jesus that she did not spike a fever this time! Rejoicing with you that the end is in sight. She will indeed have such an incredible testimony.🙌

  4. As I read this post I kept thinking this will be over around spring when we celebrate the resurrection of our precious Jesus and now we can all celebrate the resurrection of the entire Brooks family. I’m sure it will feel like walking into a new day when all this over. Continued prayers for sweet little Lizzy and your entire family.

  5. Outstanding! Really appreciate the updates. Will keep the prayers coming. Looking forward to having your whole family back at church. Certainly have missed your smiling faces and joyful spirit.

  6. Thank you God for your continued watch and care over Lizzy and the rest of her family. May your will always be done as we look to you for strength and courage during this walk in the valley. We continue to depend on you dear God and thank you for all the many blessings.

  7. Thanking and praising God for complete healing, strength and wisdom … He is the giver of all good things and hears our prayers, what a mighty God we have!!!! Thank you for allowing us to follow along as you guys faithfully walk this taxing journey.

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