Final 5-day Admission has Begun

Lizzy was admitted on Friday for what is scheduled to be the final 5-day Admission!  That means we are getting close to the end of her treatment plan.  Friday marked the beginning of the final 6 weeks of the plan, and man-o-man, are we getting anxious in anticipation of reaching the end!

Unfortunately, things got off to a pretty rough start on Friday.

The first day of the long 5-day admissions is always the day she gets the most chemo drugs.  And there is one drug in particular that she only gets on the first day and it really packs a punch.  This Friday was no exception.

After receiving 3 different chemo drugs on Friday, Lizzy began to feel ill.  The nurse brought in some anti-nausea medicine to take orally, but Lizzy did not want to take it – and if you know Lizzy, you know that when she decides the answer is “no”, then she will fight and squirm and delay and do everything in her power to let you know she means “no”!  Such was the case with the oral anti-nausea medicine.

Despite repeated attempts by Lori and I to persuade/cajole/reason/force/plead with her, and despite her throwing up 3 separate times, she would not take the medicine orally.  Finally, after the 3rd time vomiting, the nurse said she would bring in some anti-nausea medicine and give it through Lizzy’s IV.  The nurse brought in the medicine, injected it into the IV line, and within 2 minutes, Lizzy was sound asleep!!  And she slept through the entire night with no more nausea!  It was an exhausting evening for all of us, but it’s over now and we are so glad it is.

Saturday and today (Sunday) have been good.  She has received her chemo with no real side effects.  She has played some hallway soccer, been to the playroom, and even ventured downstairs to the gift shop with Lori.  She also received a special visit from some of my Outback friends. She’ll get one more treatment tomorrow and then come home on Tuesday.

We are so close to the end.  After this 5 day admission, she will have 2 weeks of no scheduled treatments.  We will, of course, monitor her blood counts closely during those 2 weeks and transfuse when needed, but there won’t be any treatments that are scheduled.

Following those 2 weeks, she will have a final Inpatient Admission (2 day admission) followed by 2 weeks of outpatient treatment.  And then we are FINISHED!!!

I know I’ve written before about the value of living each day at a time and embracing each day.  And I still believe that and am trying to live that.  But if I am going to be completely transparent, Lori and I desperately want to get to the end of these 6 weeks.  It’s the final mile of a long marathon.  The last leg. And we can see the finish line – it is so close yet so far away.  Every fiber of our being wants to get there and every fiber of our being is exhausted.  Every day becomes a week, but we fix our eyes on the finish line, and so we press on.  God gives us the strength for today, and even though we want to jump ahead to 6 weeks from now, we know we must take it one day at a time.  So that’s what we will do.  One day at a time.  Resting in God’s peace and God’s presence.  Relying on His strength, and praising Him all the day long.

It’s a beautiful thing to have the end in sight, but our focus remains heavenward and we live each day one day at a time.

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  1. So thankful that you can see the finish line! Praying that it goes according to the plan and asking God to give you endurance as you finish well. Please know I pray often for all of you! Sending my love ❤️

  2. You guys will make it. God good all the time, all the time God is good. What he take you too he will bring you through. Prayers for the next 6 weeks.

  3. Philippians 4:19 Brooks family, you have “kept the faith”, you have all “fought the good fight”, and you are about to finish the race! With the grace of God and perseverance we are confident you will endure this next six weeks with faithfulness and will finish this journey well! <3

    Love You!

  4. 2 Chronicles 20 reminded me of your family as I read it recently. It is the battle where the people of God were about to go to war with several other countries at one time and it didn’t look good. Then the spirit of the Lord came upon one of their men and told them to stand still and watch the Lord provide the victory. He told them not to be afraid or discouraged. He said, “Believe in the Lord your God, and you will… succeed.” I know that your faith and the faith of others have been carrying you through. May your prayers and the prayers of we who care about you see you through these next six weeks.

  5. May the remaining treatment time be effective, uneventful, and fly by quickly! Our God will give you manna every day…just what is needed when it is needed. Blessings!

  6. Thank you for allowing all of us to be a part of this difficult journey. No one would ever wish to go through anything like this and your family has done marvelous. I can only imagine how many people your family has touched, encouraged, and shown the face of God to. Thank you for being a blessing to everyone you have touched. Praying for a complete recovery and a beautiful cancer-free life going forward.

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