Happy Gotcha Day, Big Sister Treasure!!

Exactly one year ago – January 23, 2018, Lizzy’s big sister Treasure officially became a Brooks!  Treasure’s journey with our family is a story deserving of its own blog site, with a multitude of ups and downs, and filled with drama and suspense, heartbreak and overflowing joy.  In the end, after 5 years of craziness, a judge on January 23 looked at us, looked at Treasure, and officially declared that Treasure was our daughter!

Our beautiful Treasure

Treasure is an incredible young lady.  She brings so much joy and happiness to our family.  And she is an incredible big sister to Lizzy.  She is always by Lizzy’s side and has just been amazing throughout all of Lizzy’s medical issues.  We can’t imagine life without our sweet Treasure!

Always together
Too precious for words!
Lizzy and big sis Treas enjoying a movie while Lizzy gets a Transfusion!
Head Shaving!!
Gotcha Day celebration!

7 Replies to “Happy Gotcha Day, Big Sister Treasure!!”

  1. We love you Brooks family! Yes, a movie could be done about your journey to become the big, bold and beautiful family you are today! So happy Treasure came into our lives!

    Love you all always and forever!

  2. Treasure has been an awesome addition to our whole family. We love both of those precious little girls. I am so thankful they are now part of your family and therefore our family too.

  3. I remember the day precious Treasure came into our family at only three months old. No one could have predicted the struggle you had getting to gotcha day. God has been in control of this situation from day one. Sweet Treasure and sweet Lizzy are both where God planned and we are thankful.

  4. Pursuing the heart and will of the Father is never easy, full of tests and heartache, but glorious as we see Him act on our behalf.
    Your family is doing it really well brother!!

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