Admission Day 4: Monday

She is home!!!  Her ANC rose to 990 (up from 120 yesterday) so she was well above the 200 threshold and got to come home!!  Oh my goodness, it is so good to have her home!

Thank you so much for the prayers and support.  Lori and I are both feeling refreshed and after a couple of days of being discouraged, we are both renewed mentally and emotionally.   We know God’s got this and we just need to keep on keepin’ on!

We are in the middle of week 2 of Cycle 10.  There are 12 total cycles and each cycle is 3 weeks long, so we are almost there.  Can’t wait!

Next up this week is a blood check tomorrow and possible transfusion.  Lizzy’s platelets dropped today from yesterday, so if that trend continues, she’ll need another transfusion.  She has an appointment here in Louisville tomorrow with the Oncology group, so if she does need a transfusion, we are hoping to get it in Louisville this time.

Also this week is an outpatient chemo treatment on Friday in Cincy and a GFR test, which tests the kidney function.  The chemo drugs potentially impact kidney function, so she has to be tested regularly to make sure there is no kidney damage, especially since she now only has one kidney.

That’s it for now.  There really is no place like home and we are so blessed to have her back!

7 Replies to “Admission Day 4: Monday”

  1. Wow, I guess the ANC went way up! So glad Lizzy is home and you both are feeling refreshed.
    You ARE almost through these treatments and we pray that they are the last she will need EVER!
    Praying for the best in the coming weeks.
    We know you will keep on keeping on! God hand-picked you for Lizzy and He will provide everything you need. ❤️

  2. Amen! No place like home! Dennis, I feel God is using you, Lori and Lizzy and your journey to show all of us, to seek him first and eventually he will lead us out of whatever it is we find ourselves in. He will bring good from it and lead us all closer to him!

    Continued prayers.

  3. Outstanding! Enjoy your family time together and know that God will be with you when the storms come. Thank you for keeping us updated so that we can pray for your beautiful family.

  4. I second Debbie’s remarks above. I believe God is using you in a powerful way to teach so many people about God’s ability and willingness to lead us THROUGH the trials of life.

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