Another Outpatient visit turns into an Inpatient Admission

Lizzy was scheduled for an outpatient chemo treatment today in Cincy.  When they checked her blood counts, it was determined that she also needed a platelet transfusion and a blood transfusion.  She received the chemo treatment and the platelet transfusion.  However, after the platelet transfusion, they checked her temperature and she had spiked a fever.

The fever set off a chain reaction of events because once a fever happens, you have one hour to get antibiotics started. Fortunately she was already at the clinic, but unfortunately only one port had been accessed.  So, she had to be de-accessed, new numbing cream put on her port, and then re-accessed for both lumens of the port.

We are scrambling to re-arrange everything in order for me to go to Cincy this afternoon with clothes, toiletries, etc.  I want to get there before the snow hits this evening.

Can I ask you to pray for the following:

  1. No infection for Lizzy
  2. No more fevers for Lizzy
  3. I get all the logistics worked out this afternoon
  4. Strength for Lori and me – we are both mentally and emotionally exhausted
  5. My son/daughter-in-law fly back safely to Colorado tonight

Thank you.  I’ll update as I know more.

14 Replies to “Another Outpatient visit turns into an Inpatient Admission”

  1. My prayers are going up as I type this note. God has his plan, just hang in their. Just look how far you come, the Heavenly Father has not left Lizzy or you and Lori. He will give you the strength as you need it. Prayers

  2. I am prayi g for Lizzy and your family. I pray that God will be with you all. Praying for the fever to break and that there will no longer be an infection and that you have safe travels going to the hospital.

  3. Lifting you all up to the Lord everyday, sweet Friends. Our hearts hurt to see you walking this difficult road. We love you and will continue to pray for strength and courage from our Great God!

  4. I will pray specifically for those things for you. You are often on my heart. I’m begging God for this to end with complete healing for Lizzy.

  5. Constantly praying for sweet lovable Lizzy and all of you. I know you and Lori are exhausted as well as Colson and Treasure. Im here to do whatever I can to make things bearable. God has this even though we don’t understand his timing. Love you all so much. Mom

  6. Lord Jesus, please cover these dear ones with your love and protection. May they feel it in their hearts and may they be given physical strength. In your holy name, Amen

  7. Praying for the things you mentioned and for the peace of God to fall on all of you. I cannot imagine how exhausting all of this is.

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