Saturday morning update

Lizzy is still in the hospital and her ANC (blood count) is still zero.  So, she won’t be coming home today or tomorrow.  The blood test results also showed her platelets starting to drop again.  This is more than likely due to the fact that her body hasn’t started producing its own platelets yet and the platelets she received from the transfusion are starting to die off.

With all that said, Lizzy looks and acts great!  There is no shortage of energy, although she is definitely missing being at home and playing with her sister.  Lori is also missing home terribly.

We have our daughter and son-in-law coming in from Colorado today as well as our middle son and daughter-in-law from Richmond, so the house will start to fill up later today.

I’m going to make contingency plans in case Lizzy is still in the hospital on Christmas.  If so, we will just pack up all the presents and all the family and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Cincy at the hospital.  We want to celebrate the most precious gift (Jesus’ birth) together, so whether that’s in Louisville or Cincinnati or Timbuktu, it doesn’t really matter where as long as we can do it together.

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  1. Love you guys and you know your sweet faces will be missed tonight! We will be lifting all of you up in prayer tonight so my hope is you feel it. Praying hard now and asking for a Christmas miracle that Lizzy’s blood count goes up and her bone marrow starts producing platelets it’s own. Would love for you all to be together, in your Louisville home for Christmas.

    Lot of love and hugs coming your way this weekend!

  2. Thank you for the update. So glad to hear she’s her sweet, energetic self like the day I met her a few weeks ago! Praying you guys can all be home on Christmas- but if not, you’re exactly right- you can all celebrate Jesus right there in the hospital. God bless!

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