An Admission – Finally!!

Lizzy’s blood counts were high enough yesterday to allow for an admission today.  After arriving for Lizzy’s 7:30am appointment this morning, the first order of business was to make sure her body was hydrated enough for chemo. Unfortunately, it took a lot longer than we anticipated for her body to get sufficiently hydrated, so her chemo treatments didn’t get started until late this afternoon.

However, while getting fluids through her IV, Lizzy received a visit from a very special guest!

Lizzy with new friend Bo!
Lizzy and Bo

Lizzy also got her picture taken as part of the decorations that the CBDI floor (Cancer and Blood Disorders Institute) will use to decorate their Christmas tree in the lobby of the hospital.

Lizzy and her “reindeer” nose

She continues to bring joy and smiles to everyone around her!

If all goes as planned, Lizzy will be home just in time for Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving, Nov 21, will be the one year mark of Lizzy’s diagnosis. It’s hard to believe a year has gone by. So much has happened. I think we’ve squeezed in a decade or so of living in this one year. I’ll have more on all of this when we get to the one year anniversary.

In the meantime, thank you so much for your continued love and prayers and support.

Soli Deo Gloria.

6 Replies to “An Admission – Finally!!”

  1. Sending our love to all of you! We’re glad you will be home in time for Thanksgiving. 😃
    PS Bo looks like a good friend to have. And I love Lizzy’s reindeer nose.

  2. Lizzy, what a joy to meet and spend time with you yesterday and today. Remember, you are His warrior, created for great works!

    Your smile is the best!

    All of our love ,
    The Buckeridge’s

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