Kiss The Wave

Many of you who follow this blog attend the same church as we do – Southeast Christian Church.  However, there are quite a few of you who either live outside of Louisville or don’t attend Southeast.

I bring that up because this past Sunday, our Teaching Pastor, Kyle Idleman, incorporated some of Lizzy’s story into his sermon titled “Kiss The Wave”.

As part of his sermon, Kyle included several pictures of Lizzy up on the big screen.  It was somewhat of a surreal moment for Lori and I to be sitting in the congregation, hearing someone talk about our little girl, then all of a sudden, see several pictures of her up on the big screen!  You can see it for yourself by clicking the link below.  I would strongly encourage you to take 35 minutes and watch the whole thing – it is a great message that applies to every single person who has ever had adversity in their life (which is all of us!!).  The part about Lizzy starts around the 17:45 mark.



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  1. So moving to hear Kyle share Lizzy’s journey in his “Kiss the Wave” sermon Sunday! Wish we had been there with you guys. I am afraid I would have been overcome by an ugly cry ! So incredibly brave of you to share such intimate moments between you and Lizzy. You have and will continue to touch so many by your testimony!

    Love You!

  2. God truly works in mysterious ways! It’s heartbreaking what little Lizzy is going through. However, HE must be using her in ways beyond our understanding to teach and save others. Love.

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