Admission Postponed Temporarily

Lori and I took Lizzy to Cincy today expecting for her to be admitted for her next 5 day admission.  However, because of some blood work she had done yesterday, we had been given a heads up that her white blood cell count was too low for chemo and if the white blood cell count didn’t come up by today, she wouldn’t be admitted.

Well, not only did her white blood cell count not go up, it actually dropped some from yesterday.  The doctor said her body is probably fighting off a small virus.  You wouldn’t know it by watching her – she is just as active as ever!!

So, after spending about 4 hours in the clinic, we packed up all of our stuff and headed back home.  We stopped for lunch (actually we went through 3 different drive-thru’s and we all ate in the car because we need to keep Lizzy away from as many germs as possible), and then made the trek back home.

This morning Lizzy received a super comfortable, custom-made blanket and pillow (in her favorite color – Purple), and that provided just the perfect conditions for a nice long nap on the ride home!

Lizzy napping with her new Purple blanket and pillow

So, we are back home, will rest up for a few days, and try again next week.  Thank you for your continued prayers – and please pray that Lizzy’s white blood cell count goes up so she can get her treatments next week.

6 Replies to “Admission Postponed Temporarily”

  1. Will definitely keep her in prayers. Lizzy you’re such a beautiful part of so many of our lives. Feel better , sending love ❤️ & prayers 🙏🏻your way sweet girl

  2. Dennis & Lori – praying for your whole family (Conner, Treasure, both of you, and Lizzy daily). Your family is also lifted up each Sunday morning at our prayer circle before child care. Your faith displayed during this experience has and is touching an untold number of lives and displaying how awesome God is especially during times like these. in addition to prayer, if you need assistance in any way, all you need to do is ask.

  3. Lifting your family up today! God’s Word says He carries the little lambs and holds them close to His heart <3 (Isaiah 40:11)
    May you feel His presence with you today! Love to you

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