Still in the Hospital

Lizzy is still in the hospital in Louisville.  Her ANC (blood count) went back down to zero today, plus her platelets dropped below the acceptable level, so she is getting a platelet transfusion today.  And we will continue to wait and pray and ask God for her counts to go up so she can come home.  As Lori has reminded me, the low blood counts are to be expected and indicate the chemo regimen is doing its job.

This week was an “off” week meaning no treatments were scheduled this week.  So, thankfully nothing has had to be postponed or rescheduled from a treatment standpoint.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  By the way, if you were to see Lizzy right now, you would have no idea anything is going on.  She is just as energetic and crazy as always.  In fact, she helped the hospital staff decorate the unit Christmas tree today.  Lori said she was telling the staff where all the decorations needed to be placed on the tree!!

Look at those arms swinging! She is Large and In Charge!!

Another Unplanned Admission

Well, it happened again.  A test of Lizzy’s blood counts led to a transfusion that then turned into a hospital admission. This time she has been admitted to Norton Children’s in Louisville, so this makes 3 different children’s hospitals in 3 different states over the past year – I think maybe Lori and I might start a Travelers Review company that rates all of the different children’s hospitals across the country! (for those of you not familiar with my goofy sense of humor, that was meant to be a joke! – the part about the review company, not Lizzy’s admission – that part wasn’t funny).

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An Admission – Finally!!

Lizzy’s blood counts were high enough yesterday to allow for an admission today.  After arriving for Lizzy’s 7:30am appointment this morning, the first order of business was to make sure her body was hydrated enough for chemo. Unfortunately, it took a lot longer than we anticipated for her body to get sufficiently hydrated, so her chemo treatments didn’t get started until late this afternoon.

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Kiss The Wave

Many of you who follow this blog attend the same church as we do – Southeast Christian Church.  However, there are quite a few of you who either live outside of Louisville or don’t attend Southeast.

I bring that up because this past Sunday, our Teaching Pastor, Kyle Idleman, incorporated some of Lizzy’s story into his sermon titled “Kiss The Wave”.

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