Clear Scans & Nearing the Halfway point

Lizzy started the next cycle of her treatment this past week. Each cycle is a 3-week time period and always starts with an inpatient admission. So, this past week Lizzy was admitted on Wednesday and got to come home late Thursday night.

But before she was admitted, she had a series of scans Wednesday morning – echo of her heart (one of the chemo drugs has a potential side effect of heart damage), an ultrasound of her abdomen (checking to make sure no new tumors) and CT scan of her chest (again, checking to make sure no new tumors).  Thankfully all was clear and “normal”!

Once the scans were finished, then she was admitted for the chemo regimen. The inpatient admission always comes with a multi-drug dose of chemo. These multi-dose treatments always seem to cause her leg pain during the night, and sure enough, Wednesday night she woke up crying saying her legs were hurting. Lori and I have seen Lizzy go through so much and barely flinch, so we know when she is crying because of pain, then it must really hurt.

The nurse gave her some heating pads for her legs and that seemed to help. By Thursday afternoon she was back to the same ole Lizzy – jumping, climbing, laughing and just overall high energy!  She absolutely amazes me!!

(Scans finished – time to watch some TV!)

Jammin’ with the music therapist
More music therapy jammin’!!
Gotta love a good game of Candy Land!

So, this cycle is off and running. There will be some outpatient treatments the next couple of weeks then we will start a new cycle with another inpatient admission. This process will continue to repeat itself until mid-February barring any unforeseen issues.

We have been blessed to meet so many amazing people along this journey. And we’ve been able to meet some people who are just starting a similar journey. God is opening some doors for us and I hope to make an announcement soon about one of those opportunities – so stay tuned!

We continue to covet your prayers and we thank you so much for your love and support.

7 Replies to “Clear Scans & Nearing the Halfway point”

  1. Love that 2nd picture – what a beautiful smile! So thankful for normal scans! Continued prayers for her treatment, healing, and minimal side effects.

  2. Lizzy inspires me to be a better version of myself every time I read an update and hear about her courage! You all have taken up residence in my heart and my prayers for the remainder of my life. I’m so thankful for your witness and your inspiration to step out in faith and trust God regardless of outcomes. I’m also very thankful that He placed you in my life when he did. Be blessed ❤️ Because you are such an amazing blessing.

  3. Rejoicing with you all for the good report. Thank you Lord. Love you and continuing to pray for Lizzy’s complete healing.

  4. Thanks for the update, great news, and pictures. We can’t wait to hear your upcoming news. I know God has been and is going to use all you’ve been going through somehow! 🙂

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