Unexpected Trip to the ER

Well, that wasn’t how I envisioned the day unfolding.

This morning Lori and Lizzy took Treas to kindergarten, then they swung by our local hospital so Lizzy could get her regularly scheduled labs drawn. In the meantime, I was playing catch up for work after traveling back and forth to Cincy every day last week. Unfortunately, the catch up work didn’t last long.

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Radiation is Finished!!

I am pleased to report that after 8 consecutive sessions, spanning 10 days, our Superhero is FINISHED with her Radiation Treatments!!!  She had 3 treatments while she was an inpatient 2 weeks ago, then had 5 consecutive treatments on an outpatient basis M-F last week.  As always, she handled it like a boss!

(Lizzy and Mommy with Lizzy’s End of Radiation Certificate)

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