Blood Transfusion

Lizzy’s blood counts continue to trend downward. Her hemoglobin has dropped below 7.0 and that is generally the threshold at which the doctors recommend a blood transfusion.

Lori said Lizzy got a burst of energy last night, so we were hoping that meant her counts were coming back up, but the overnight blood draw showed the counts were still dropping. Other than the short burst of energy Lizzy had last night, she’s been very lethargic, and as you know, Lizzy and Lethargic are two words that don’t belong in the same sentence!

So, sometime today they will put a bag of blood on her IV pole, attach it to one of the lines of her port, and start pumping some fresh blood into her. Not really sure what prevents her from inflating since they will be pumping all of this new blood into her, but apparently the body is able to take in all of the new blood and absorb it – fascinating.

Hopefully the new blood will bring the counts back up and then we can look at bringing her home in the next day or two.  We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We so appreciate it.

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  1. Praying the blood does the trick and her numbers rise quickly and you all are able to go home soon!! Please let me know if there’s anything you all need help with!

  2. As I read this update to Lydia, I looked over and saw that she was already on her knees. She obviously doesn’t understand all of this, but knows Lizzy needs to get better. The Hildenbrands continue to petition God for healing and comfort!

  3. Blood transfusions are liquid gold! So thankful for the thousands upon thousands who donated to find our Keris 100 it took to get her through her leukemia treatments! God’s goodness shines through those who give! May these gifts bring your sweet girl health soon. I always thought of the low counts as a good sign, to a certain extent, as it meant the chemical was making sure every cancer cell was being destroyed, leaving no stragglers behind! Hold to the good fight!

  4. Morris’ are on day 39 of 40 straight days of petitioning the Lord for healing Lizzy. Kids wanted to know why her blood count was low since we have been praying so hard for God to heal her. God had me share the story of Job. We may not see the whole picture, but God does and his way is perfect. Hang in there Lizzy. God is on your side and is fighting for you.

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