Birthday/Head Shaving Party!!

Hello fellow sojourners!

Lizzy wanted me to let everyone know that she is celebrating her birthday this Monday (Aug 13)!!

As part of that celebration, she and I (Dennis) are going to have a head shaving event 😱.  Since you all have been so gracious to go on this journey with us, we want you to be a part of the head shaving event with us!!

(Before picture. Tune in Monday night to see the After!)

Since we have to limit Lizzy’s exposure to germs as much as possible, and because many of you live outside of Kentucky, we are going to attempt to stream the event on FaceBook Live. I don’t know exactly how that works, but we are banking on our 17 yr old to figure it out and make it happen (shout out to Colson!).

We are going to stream it using Lori’s FaceBook account, so if you aren’t currently friends with her, you will need to send her a FaceBook friend request.

The plan is for the head shaving to occur at 8:00p Eastern Time this Monday. With that said, we are rarely on time for anything, so I can’t guarantee it will be right at 8p but it will be somewhere in that vicinity!

Hope to see you Monday!!

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  1. I will be watching for it. Funny I just put up a note that says “Lizzy Monday 8/13”, I can be forgetful at times & don’t want to miss her day. Love & prayers to you all ❤️❤️❤️

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