The Winds are Picking Up

First let me apologize for the delay in getting this Post sent out.  For the first time since this journey began back in November, I had to miss one of Lizzy’s appointments due to work travel and by the time I got home late last night and had Lori fill me in on the events of the day, I was too tired to type.  Thankfully our 17 yr old son Colson accompanied Lizzy and Lori on the trip and filled in for me – he’s such a great kid!!

Lizzy had an outpatient treatment yesterday that consisted of only one drug.  However, prior to treatment, she always has a blood draw so the doctor can check her various “counts”.  We were a bit surprised to learn that Lizzy’s ANC was 20.  Normal range is between 1,500 – 8,000.  During the 1st treatment regimen from Dec – April, her ANC never dropped below 600 and was usually in the 1,200 range.

In basic terms, ANC is a measure of how prepared your body is to fight off infections.  So, the lower the count, the less able your body is to fight.  That’s not good.  It means that we have to REALLY be careful about germs.  If Lizzy is going to be around people, she will need to wear a mask.  We are cleaning and sanitizing everything and entering into the “quarantine” phase for Lizzy.  And at the same time we are trying to keep Treasure’s life as normal as possible.  Which creates some problems – when Treasure goes to tennis lesson, Lizzy wants to  go but can’t.  Lizzy wants me to take her to the lollipop store, but that’s not a good idea right now.  You get the picture.

The drug Lizzy received yesterday always gives her a headache.  When I got home last night, she had fallen asleep right in the middle of the floor while Lori was fixing her a snack.  The clinic days really wear her out.  I took her in my arms and just held her, watching her sleep.  Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real – this battle we are in.

She also ran a low grade fever all through the night.  It never got above 100, but Lori got up every hour during the night and checked it just to make sure.  We’ve been told that if she ever gets a fever that reaches 100.4 or higher, we have to get her to the emergency room immediately so she can start receiving IV antibiotics.  So anytime she runs even the slightest temperature, we are on edge, knowing that we might be making a mad dash to the ER, no matter what time of day or night.

If you read the last post (“In the Eye of the Storm”), I talked about how great this past weekend was, but we knew that the storm was still out there.  Well, the winds of the storm have started to pick back up. But that’s ok.  We have been on our knees in prayer the whole time – good times and bad, in the calm and in the wind – and that’s not going to change.  And so many of you all are daily praying for us and sending us notes of encouragement and texting your support, so we know we are surrounded and supported by an army.  We love you all so much and can’t say thank you enough!

This is hard, but God is bigger.  We are weak, but God is stronger.  We cry and God wipes away our tears.  We stumble and God picks us up.  And when we think we can’t take another step, God carries us.  So yes, this is hard.  But we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God’s got this, and our Lizzy may be small, but she is fierce!!


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    1. Your Eye of the Storm was an amazing commitment of faith that lifted me in encouragement and I thank you. My family has been praying for Lizzy and you since NOV and we are confident God is surrounding you and guiding you on this journey.

  1. Day 14 of 40 days of petitioning the Lord for Healing Lizzy complete. Thank you God for healing Lizzy. Thank you God for fighting this storm.

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