In the Eye of the Storm

(NOTE:  This is not necessarily an update on Lizzy.  She is really doing well and we are so thankful.  This is more of a personal insight into how God is working in our lives.  So, if you are just looking for an update on Lizzy, feel free to skip this post – she’s doing great!)

I’ve never been in a hurricane.  And if my planning skills are half as good as I think they are, I never will be!  But there is an interesting phenomenon that occurs with hurricanes that I would be interested in experiencing – being in the eye of the storm.

From what I’ve read and heard, being in the eye of a hurricane is a very surreal experience.  Can you imagine it?  You’ve just been through an absolutely ferocious storm, complete with howling winds, wicked bolts of lightning, deafening thunder, driving sheets of rain that are blowing sideways, and all of this is happening at the same time.  And then all of a sudden, literally in the blink of an eye, everything stops.




In fact, I’ve heard it said that sometimes when you’re in the eye, you can actually see the sun shining in the blue sky.  Oh, the storm is still raging.  In fact, the storm is completely surrounding you.  Every direction you turn, you can see the dark storm clouds swirling.  You might even see lightning in the distance.  But right where you are standing – in the eye – nothing.  It’s calm.  And you can relax, at least for a moment.

Sure, there is more storm to come.  And you will have to deal with it when it comes.  But for now, right now, there is peace.  And it’s the most wonderful peace ever because you’ve just been through the storm.  The storm was nasty and scary and there were times you weren’t sure you were going to survive.  But you did survive.  And now you are in this beautiful place of calm and peace.  The sun is warming your face.  And you smile.

That’s the place Lori and I find ourselves right now.  For today.  Make no mistake, we’ve been through a storm.  The day the doctor came into the ultrasound room and told us the x-ray revealed a spot on Lizzy’s lung, we were shaken to the very core of our being.  The subsequent scans and tests and surgery and start of chemo have all been an absolute whirlwind of emotions and fears and tears.  Over the past 2 weeks, there were days we didn’t know what day it was, much less how we were going to make it through whatever particular day it happened to be.  That was the storm.  And the storm is still raging.

But today, we find ourselves in the eye of the storm.  An unexplainable peace has descended upon us.


Scratch that.

It’s not unexplainable.

It’s God.

There are so many people praying for us, literally all over this country.  Prayers for Lizzy’s healing, but also prayers for peace for Lori and me.  Well prayer warriors, I want you to know – your prayers are being answered!!

We had a great day at church today, being loved on by so many people.  We had family and friends stop by the house today to visit and play with Lizzy and Treas.  And after dinner we sat in the family room listening and watching worship videos while Lori read books to the girls.  Lizzy is feeling good and strong today.  Treasure is being a great big sister.  Lori was able to go to the store earlier today and have just a bit of alone time.  And I got to just observe it all.  And shake my head, almost in disbelief, at how blessed I am.

So friends, thank you for the prayers.  We feel them!  And we will need more of them.  We know the other side of the storm is coming, but that’s ok.  God got us through the first part of the storm – He will get us through the next part.  In the meantime, He has blessed us with a time in the Eye.  With Calm. With Peace.  With Family.  With Friends.

Maybe it takes going through the storm to truly recognize and appreciate being in the Eye.

7 Replies to “In the Eye of the Storm”

  1. Your words are so beautiful and full of Truth. You are helping so many people that may be experiencing thier own storm. It has been such a wonderful blessing seeing Lizzy at church. I pray that she continues to have her engerized Spirit. She is so precious and is able to change the emotions of everyone she sees with her beautiful smile, sweet giggles and amazing hugs. I pray that Lizzy is completely healed and that she can continue doing the things she loves doing.
    Keep posting your blogs, you are changing so many hearts each time you write.

  2. Thank you Jesus for everything you have done for us. Lord, we continue to ask for your protection over the Brooks family. As we lift up Lizzy may we see your blessings flow over Lizzy for renewed healing and strength. We ask all of these things in the name of Jesus that fights for Lizzy. We love you and the Brooks.

  3. Thank you for sharing your awesome perspective with us. I know you would never have chosen this path but watching y’all weather this storm gives us a beautiful glimpse of your faithfulness and God’s steadfast promise to never leave you or forsake you!! His mercies are new each morning. With love and prayers!!

  4. Dennis, I think the last sentence sums it up. Thank you for sharing with all of us the insights you are gaining in this…for taking us on this journey with your family.
    It reminds me that Paul also had this perspective (of being in the eye of the storm) so he could write:
    “Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. “
    1Thessalonians 5:16-18

  5. We love how God continues to use your story and how His light continues to blast through the turmoil of what you all are going through. We praise God for all of this and for your willingness to be so vulnerable and open to letting God speak through you. You all remain in our prayers daily!

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