This is gonna be a lot different than last time


(video of Lizzy and the music therapist)

Where to begin . . . . There has been so much happen in the last 24 hours it’s hard to remember it all, much less where to begin. So, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Lizzy had a good night sleep with no issues or incidents during the night. Thank you God!!  She received fluids all through the night, so the output was significant and frequent, which is a good thing.

Eating has already started to be a bit of a struggle. Not sure if she just isn’t hungry or if food is already starting to not taste good, but she didn’t eat a whole lot for any of her meals today. That’s something we (and the doctors) will keep a very close eye on.

(Christmas in July)

Around lunchtime, Lizzy got a very special surprise. Apparently there is a family who in the past had a child treated on the Oncology floor, and they wanted to do something to give back and say “Thanks”.  So, every year around July 25, they have “Christmas in July”. This family fills a large bag full of brand new toys FOR EVERY PATIENT ON THE ONCOLOGY FLOOR!!  I don’t know how many patients that represents, but it’s a lot. There were a lot of toys in Lizzy’s bag – amazing. Just amazing.

Lizzy also got a visit from the music therapist.  Prior to her showing up, Lizzy had been somewhat lethargic and complaining of a headache.  But it didn’t take long for the music therapist to get Lizzy going.  Lizzy used one of the gifts from “Christmas in July” and gave us all a concert!  I tried to embed a video of the concert at the beginning of this post – I hope you can see it!

Lizzy and Lori went to the playroom and hung out for a bit while I tried to catch up on some work. The ebb and  flow of emotions wreaks havoc on one’s ability to concentrate, but there is work to do, so we get it done.

At dinner time we were cruising right along, about to wrap it up for the night when a burst of nausea hit. My “tough as nails” little girl suddenly hopped out of bed, went right over to the garbage can, and started vomiting. Never cried, just stood there and kept throwing up. The nurse was in the room when it happened, so she immediately contacted the doctor and they gave Lizzy some additional anti-nausea medicines.  Those medicines knocked her out pretty quickly, so at the moment she is sleeping comfortably in the bed.

Please pray that the nausea stays away and we don’t have to deal with that again.

The sudden bout of nausea really brought home the fact that this round of treatment is going to be different than last time.  Dr Geller had warned us that this treatment regimen was harsher than the last one, and we believed him, but the episode tonight just confirmed this is a different ballgame this time around.

Honestly, it’s scary.  And it hurts so much to see your little one in pain. But we know God’s got this. And we know He gives us strength for today.  So our focus has to be on today. He gave us the strength to get through today, so soon Lori and I will drift off to sleep and be grateful. When tomorrow arrives, we trust and we know that He will give us the strength we need for that day.

If all goes well through the night tonight, the plan is for Lizzy to be discharged home late morning tomorrow.  Please join us in praying that that happens and we can take our precious little girl back home.

As always, thank you so much for all of the love and support and prayers.

13 Replies to “This is gonna be a lot different than last time”

  1. Love the music video! ❤️
    Do not love the nausea. 😔
    Praying for our sweet Lizzy, and you guys too! Safe travels tomorrow! 🙏

  2. That child is such a precious gift from God. Please tell her that friends in TN are praying for her daily. The video was wonderful!

  3. Thank you for such detailed updates on Lizzy and your journey. The Veal family will continue to pray for your family. Your faith in the Lord is inspiring.

  4. Breaks my heart you all have to go through this. I love the smile on her sweet face “ Christmas in July “ . Prayers that Lizzy is her spunky little self real soon. Love & prayers for you all❤️❤️

  5. Oh to have the courage and joy of Lizzy!! I never know what to do or say, so I pray! I pray day and night for all of you!!

  6. Thank you God for music therapy! Praying for the chemo to work fast and get out of her system even faster! You are so loved Lizzy ❤️

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