And So It Begins (Part II)

It’s 11:50pm on Wednesday and Lizzy just finished her chemo. It’s been a loooong day that included an MRI, blood work and chemo!

(That’s a lot of bags on that IV pole)

Lizzy is doing really well at the moment – thank you God. We are all very tired so I’ll write more tomorrow (and hopefully share some more photos).

Please join us in praying for a restful and uneventful night for Lizzy.

Good night.

4 Replies to “And So It Begins (Part II)”

  1. Hi, just wanted you to know that we are praying for all of you and have her on our church prayer list. I am so sorry that little Liszt has to go through this but as you believe, God is holding her in his arms and you too as you go through this. With prayers,
    Aunt Judy.

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