Home Sweet Home! (and Why?)


Its so good to be back home. And Treasure was so happy to see her little sister (and mommy and daddy)!

Lizzy is doing great, just a little sore. She was so glad to get back home. And she stepped out of the car and went immediately next door where there was a birthday party going on. She was blowing bubbles and squirting anyone and everyone she could with a water gun!  It is amazing how resilient kiddos are.

I will post more in the next few days about the battle that lies ahead. The doctor told us that on a 1-10 intensity scale, the chemo treatments that Lizzy just completed in April was a 2 or 3. He said the chemo journey we are about to start is a 7 or 8. This time will also include radiation, something we didn’t have to deal with last time. So, we will be enlisting all of our prayer warrior friends to come before God on Lizzy’s behalf. We will take this one day at a time. And God will provide.

In addition to praying for healing for Lizzy, please also pray for her emotional processing of what’s going on. Let me give you a story to illustrate why we make that specific prayer request.

On Tuesday at the clinic, after we had been told the cancer was back and Lizzy was going to have another surgery and more chemo, it was finally time to come home. Before we left the clinic, Lizzy had to go potty. I walked her to the potty and waited outside. After she went, she started washing her hands and I thought I heard her crying. So I opened the door and said “Lizzy, are you ok?”  She looked at me, tears streaming down her face, and said “I know why the yucky came back” ( yucky is her term for the cancer). So I said “why?”

She looked down, like she was ashamed, and said “ Because I don’t always wash my hands after I go potty so that’s why the yucky came back”. I pulled her close, gave her a big hug, and through my own tears just kept saying to her “It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault “.

So, we know she is trying to process everything and trying to come up with an answer to that age-old question – “Why?”

The quest to understand Why is as old as the human race itself. Ever since sin entered the world, bad things have happened to people and we ask “Why?”  Even at 4 years old, we ask “Why?”

From Augustine to C.S. Lewis, theologians have written volumes and volumes on this subject. And I am certainly no theologian. But what I do know is this – we live in a fallen (sinful) world, and because of that, bad things happen. The only place where bad things won’t happen is Heaven. So until we get there, bad things are going to happen. And it sucks. And it hurts. And it is hard.  And it is dark. And sometimes it hurts so bad you can’t breathe. And you cry and you cry until you think you can’t cry anymore, and then you cry some more.  That’s just the way it is this side of Heaven.

But for those of us who believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior, we know a better day and a better place is coming. A place where there are no more tears. There are no more hurts. There is no more cancer. There is only light and not darkness. A place where we will be fulfilled and healed and joyful as we worship all the time.

I can’t wait!

15 Replies to “Home Sweet Home! (and Why?)”

  1. We are so thankful that Lizzy is feeling better. Continuous love and prayers for the journey ahead of you all! 💜

  2. Thank you for being such a faithful servant! This journey, as hard as it must be for you all, will never be in vain because God will be glorified! This testimony is a perfect example of how Lizzy will draw others closer to Jesus!

    Praying for and with you friends ❤️

  3. Wow!! I feel like I just set in on a teaching sermon. Thank you for sharing Lizzy’s journey toward healing. You are a great encourager to others who may be going through a hard dark time too. Lizzy’s story is touching us all and reminding us that we don’t understand the WHY but we do understand what sin has caused. Sin messed everything up. Thank God for Jesus who redeems us.
    Our family has Lizzy and your family in our prayers.

  4. Your beautifully written words are so true. Your precious Lizzy and your family will continue to be in my prayers. Thank you so much for the updates.

  5. Wow! Your message was so true and important to hear especially at a time like this. Lizzy (as well as your whole family) is loved by many. We will continue to pray and trust God!!

  6. Profoundly true. Life this side of heaven does hit us with many hurts, losses, and agonizing moments. And yet somehow through all of this human pain, we see, through eyes of faith, a better place. Home – our eternal home. And in the meantime, we live daily on planet earth with this heavenly hope. We trust Whom we can not see with our eyes, but Whom we know in our souls as Abba – Father – Daddy.
    We will be praying as Jesus taught us, that, God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven – in Lizzy’s tender young life – and in your family’s

  7. Praying for you and your beautiful family! I go to church with Barbara and many of us at WRCC pray for precious Lizzy.

  8. Your precious little pixie is being lifted before the Lord as so many of us ask the Great Physician to heal her day by day! I love you all!

  9. As I pray this morning, I read this and am reminded so much of what the Lord assures us. Thank you for sharing that and keeping us a part of your journey. Love you guys

  10. As I pray for Lizzy this morning, I read this and am reminded of so much that the Lord assures is. Thank you for sharing that and for keeping us part of your journey. Love you guys!

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