She’s in a lot of pain

Dear Friends –

I am sorry to burden you with another request, but could you please pray specifically for God to relieve Lizzy of her pain?  This is the 4th surgery she’s had since November and I’ve never seen her be in such pain.

For those of you who have been around Lizzy, you know she is tough as nails.  So to see her cry and wimper like she is now is almost unbearable.

She is on a regular schedule for pain meds plus additional meds as needed, and right now she needs the additional meds every time she’s allowed to have it.

I try to make these posts as positive and encouraging as I can because I want to be uplifting and faithful. But if we are going to be true friends and be real and authentic with each other, then I just have to tell you – this is so hard.  I know the testing of our faith produces perseverance, but I guess I haven’t always understood the depth and gravity of the word “testing”.  This is hard.

Lori and I humbly ask for your prayers for Lizzy.

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  1. I’m praying asking God to please ease Lizzy’s pain and comfort her. I’m asking Him to give you and Lori strength and courage and comfort as little Lizzy struggles through this recovery.
    It is so hard to know your child, little or adult, is hurting and you can’t fix it.

  2. Please know we are all praying and lifting all of you up in prayer. We are believing Lizzy will be healed in Jesus Name. I impart some of my strength and faith into you and your wife. We would like to know why, but we have to trust God! Hugs and prayers. My great nephew had this same Dx and he’s been cancer free for several years. Praise Jesus. Somethimes we go thru things to make us understand how real our Lord is. God Bless! Carolyn – a friend of Kayli

  3. 😔 Praying for pain relief, and strength for you & Lori! 🙏
    Wish we could run up there & give you all a hug right now! Until then, a virtual (((hug))). ❤️

  4. Praying for you all. And don’t feel like it’s a burden to ask for prayer 😉 that’s what her prayer warriors are here for. Continuing to pray for you all and thank you for the updates!

  5. This is so extremely hard for each of you. I’ve seen adults post lung surgery and their pain and suffering was beyond understanding, even with meds on board. A child going through that is unimaginable. God has His reasons and He will take care of Lizzy’s healing in His own way. Our job is to trust Him and pray for relief. Sending love to each of you.

  6. Praying for pain relief and healing for Lizzy and peace and emotional comfort for you and Lori as you walk through this with her. That you will feel Gods presence as sustainer, helper, healer. That your faith in his love and goodness will not waver.

  7. Dear Dennis and Lori my heart goes out to you along with prayers to our God to please ease Lizzy’s pain. It hurts so much to watch your children suffer. I love your Mother, Barbara, like a sister and I am praying for her too. God has you all covered. Stay strong and courageous and know that God has you covered with love and prayers. Shirle Millstead

  8. I am so sorry! This is such a difficult thing to go through! I am in constant prayer for all of you and so is my family! We love you all!

  9. Dennis, this has to be one of the hardest things you and Lori have ever experienced! I can not even imagine but it is very important for you right now to keep Lizzy’s pain meds coming. You are in charge. Lizzy will be so much more comfortable when the chest tube is removed. Prayers for pain relief for Lizzy!

  10. Roger & I are praying for each one of you everyday. We pray that Lizzy’s pain will ease, and she can have rest & peace of mind as she begins her chemo.

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