Answered Prayers

Our little Lizzy is sleeping comfortably!!

(Lizzy at 5:30pm on Friday)

Oh what a day!!  As most of you know, we had a very difficult night last night. At 6am I posted a request asking for prayers for Lizzy, specifically that God would ease her pain. When I made that post, we had been up all night. Lizzy had gotten a few little naps in during the night, but most of the night was spent with her awake and crying and whimpering in pain. This was despite being on regularly scheduled Tylenol and 2 doses of morphine.

But you know what?  God is in the healing business. As I said, I published the post at 6am this morning and by 6:30am Lizzy was sleeping.  She didn’t receive any additional medicine – just prayers. And when she went to sleep at 6:30, she slept for over 3 hours, which was the longest period of sleep she has had since the surgery. Prayer works!!

When she woke up, she was still very uncomfortable from the chest tube that was still in her side. She was afraid to move because every movement hurt, and she didn’t want to take deep breaths because expanding her lungs pressed against the chest tube and it hurt.

The surgical team came by and adjusted her pain meds and started giving her an oral pain med. She has had multiple other tests today, most of which are being done to establish baselines before the next round of chemo starts.  Tests have included a hearing test, an echo of her heart and a kidney function test that involved injecting her with a radioactive liquid then taking frequent blood draws to see how the kidney processed that liquid.

All of those tests have been normal and we now have baselines to measure against as she starts chemo.  And then, around 5p the surgical team came into the room and took out the chest tube. And I mean literally pulled it out of her. Right there in her bed. While she was awake.  And she just squeezed my finger and squeezed Lori’s finger and just like that, the chest tube was out.

Just before the surgical team came in, the nurse had given her a dose of morphine. It didn’t have time to kick in before the surgical team pulled out the chest tube. My goodness, that little girl is tough as nails!

Once the chest tube was out, she immediately started feeling better. She started talking about going on a walk and going to the playroom and maybe even going outside. It was amazing to see the change in her personality almost instantly once the chest tube was gone. And then the morphine kicked in!  And the result is the picture at the beginning of this post.

It has been a long, exhausting 24 hours. God has shown His power and His faithfulness, and you all have shown what awesome and mighty prayer warriors you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hopefully we will get to go home tomorrow (Saturday), and then we will turn our focus to the next round of chemo, which is scheduled to start on Wednesday. But that can all wait. For now, we rejoice in the fact that Lizzy is sleeping and resting comfortably. We delight in the awesomeness of our Heavenly Father. And we relish the many family and friends who are lifting Lizzy (and us) up in prayer.

We are truly blessed.

14 Replies to “Answered Prayers”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I am so thankful to hear how God answered the prayers and so thankful Lizzy is resting without pain! We will continue to be in prayer for you all!

  2. What a fighter she is and what an awesome God we have!! Rejoicing with you but prayers will continue to be lifted up for you all. Safe travels home to Louisville.

  3. God continue to give Lizzy strength to fight & beat this cancer for good.
    I will continue praying for sweet Lizzy. Sending hugs,love & prayers 🙏💖🙄

  4. Praying without ceasing. Our kids and I decided we will pray and petition the Lord for complete healing for Lizzy for 40 days straight without ceasing. Lizzy is going through the kind of battle that needs a weapon to defeat it. That’s the Word of God. The Word of God does not return void. Hang in there Lizzy. God is a big God and he loves you to the moon and back. Hang in there Brooks family. God can and will use your light to help others know Jesus.

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