Surgery has started

They came up to the room around 3pm to get Lizzy and take her to surgery.  Lori rode with her down to the holding area.

We were in the holding area for about 45 minutes, with visits from nurses, anesthesia and the surgeon.  Lizzy was a bit annoyed by all the visitors because she was trying to watch Moana on the TV in the room!!

And then it was time. They led us back to the OR area and to a little tiny room where anesthesia got the process started. They injected something into Lizzy’s IV to make her sleepy, and unfortunately the medicine hurt as it went in her arm. So, our sweet little girl, who is braver and stronger than anyone I know, started crying as she fell asleep. That just about made Lori and I lose it. But, we managed to hold it together until we got to the waiting room, and then we lost it.

The surgery got started at 4p and we’ve been told to expect a 3-4 hour procedure.  So, now we wait, resting in God’s goodness, His grace, and most importantly His peace. Thank you for standing with us and for your prayers.

God’s Got This!!!!!

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