Not the news we wanted – UPDATE

7:30pm UPDATE

Lizzy will be admitted tomorrow (Wed) at Cincinnati Childrens.  She will have surgery on Thursday to remove the tumor in her lung and insert a port.  We’ve been told to expect 2-3 days in the hospital.  Chemo will start at some point next week and will involve several instances of being admitted for the chemo treatment.  Still working out the details on the dates of those treatments,

So, here we go again.  Lizzy is Small but Fierce, and God’s Got This!!!!!!

(end of update)

The CT confirmed a nodule in the lung. The doctor is sure it is cancerous. Lizzy will need surgery this week to remove the nodule and re-insert a port.  We are looking at a 40 week regimen of chemo, which will involve much stronger drugs and more side effects. These chemo treatments will require inpatient admission each time. We also have to meet with the fertility specialist and make some decisions.

Lori and I know all of you have been praying and we so appreciate it. It is only through Gods strength that we are standing right now. This is not at all what we expected today and it is overwhelming at the moment. We humbly ask for your continued prayers for our sweet Lizzy.

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  1. This is a blow, poor LIzzy . Much love , thoughts, and prayers are all directed across the fence – I know our tough girl will get through this next challenge.

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