Last Chemo – check; Clear Scans – check; Bloodwork Good – check; Only one thing left!

We are so excited to let everyone know that Lizzy is scheduled to have her port removed this Wednesday (April 25)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She had her final chemo treatment last week and today she had an ultrasound and chest x-ray – both came back negative/clear.  Thank you God!!  She also had bloodwork done today and all of her numbers look good!

We are almost there.

48 more hours.  2 rotations of the earth, and then the port will be gone!  I can barely bring myself to believe it.  That little bump just below her left shoulder will be gone, and with it, the fear that at any moment she could develop a fever greater than 100.4 which would mean an immediate, emergent trip to the hospital with probable admission and infusion of strong antibiotics.  Technically that possibility will still exist, but the constant reminder of that nightmare scenario – that little bump below her shoulder – will be gone.  And perhaps we will rest just a bit easier Wednesday night.

I will have a lot more to write after Wednesday.  We have been blessed by an incredible team of doctors, nurses and other professionals.  We have had to contemplate death, and life, and precious moments, and scary moments, and moments that took our breath away, moments of laughter and joy and tears and screams and peace – sometimes all of those things at the same time.  There is much more to say, just not tonight.

Through it all, God has been constant and ever-present.  There is absolutely no way – NO WAY – we make it through this without God’s peace and presence in our lives.  We are tired – He gives us energy.  We are weak – He gives us strength.  We have doubts – He remains faithful.

Thank you Prayer Warriors for lifting us up.  We needed it from the beginning, and we still need it.

We are almost to the finish line for this episode. Please keep praying.  Please keep thanking God for His provision.  We are almost there . . . . . .

9 Replies to “Last Chemo – check; Clear Scans – check; Bloodwork Good – check; Only one thing left!”

  1. You ARE almost there! What an incredible journey you have been on. Your stories and experiences will help so many others through the years. God WILL use this for good. ❤️

  2. SO excited this day has finally come! What a journey! Praying for much deserved rest, relaxation, peace, continued healing, continued strength, and celebration! To God be the glory!
    Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. The Brooks family has been a Great example of having child like Faith in Jesus Christ thought out this entire trial. And there is no telling how many people have been and will be moved to putting there faith in Jesus because of your example. I am very sorry Lizzy and your family have been going through this but what a Blessing to see how Jesus has been in ALL of it. GOD is Good All the Time.

  4. My heart is overflowing with joy, love, thanks and praise for this healing! Continued love and prayers for sweet Lizzy and you all! We can’t wait to see her back at school! 💜

  5. We agree with Bill! God is Good and what a wonderful example of his goodness the Brooks family has been through out this journey! Almost to the finish line then we will celebrate ! Love you all!

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