1st Time for Everything!

Hello Friends – it’s been awhile since last we spoke.  Lizzy has been doing great and we are nearing the finish line (at least for chemo treatments)!  With that said, we had an unexpected turn of events when we went for treatment this week.

Even though Lizzy’s treatments have spread out to roughly every 3 weeks, she still gets her blood drawn every week to check her blood counts.  Amazingly, every single blood draw has come back with results showing Lizzy’s counts holding steady, meaning she is not as susceptible to infection as she would be if her counts were low.  Lori has been very vigilant about keeping Lizzy away from germs, including a pretty significant “quarantine” for the past 5 months.  And that quarantine has been successful, as evidenced by the fact that the whole time Lizzy has been receiving chemo, she hasn’t had any sickness, no fever, no drop in blood counts, no hospital admissions, no transfusions.  All of those things are very common for people undergoing chemo treatments.  In fact, we were told at the beginning to plan on at least one of those things happening to Lizzy during the course of treatment.

We are so close to the end!  As of Sunday of this week, Lizzy’s plan to finish treatment looked like this – 2 drug chemo on Tuesday of this week, no treatment next week (just have to get a blood draw to check her counts), then the following (and final) week, she would get a 1 drug chemo on Monday plus scans on Monday, and if the scans were clear, she would have her port removed on Wednesday, April 25.  And that’s it!!  Chemo would be over!!!

Unfortunately, we were thrown a bit of a curve ball on Tuesday.  For the first time, Lizzy’s blood counts had dropped to a level that was problematic.  The end result was the doctor was only able to give her a 1 drug treatment instead of a 2 drug treatment.  Consequently, the plan has now changed.  Instead of having an “off” week next week, Lizzy will get her blood drawn on Monday.  If the counts have come back up, we will go to Cincy on Tuesday and she will receive the 2 drug treatment.  Then the following week, she will get scans only on Monday and if everything is clear, she will still have her port removed on Wednesday, April 25.  So, the end date remains the same, we just have to take a slightly different path to get there.

In the meantime, my colleagues at Straightaway Health blessed us with a very special gift to celebrate Treasure’s “Gotcha Day”!

We went to Disney on Ice!!!!!!!  The girls absolutely loved it and were enthralled with all of the princesses and characters skating around on the ice.  Lizzy especially loved Hank, (as Lizzy described it – “a Hu. Mong. Ous. Octopus”) from Finding Dory.  The thing was absolutely huge and took up about a fourth of the ice rink when it was out there.   We are so grateful for the generosity from Straightaway and so thankful to experience the event with our 2 princesses!!

So, we continue on.  The finish line (for chemo) is in sight, and we anxiously press forward to cross that line.  Once we do, we are going to have one big ole party to celebrate!!  And you are all invited!!  Details to come!

As always, thank you for your love and prayers and support.  We are so blessed by each of you and we thank God daily for you.

9 Replies to “1st Time for Everything!”

  1. Sorry to hear about the curve ball and Praying for her blood count to return to the normal range.
    Wow Disney on Ice sounds like a lot of fun, maybe I can join y’all next time. 😊

  2. Thanks for the update Dennis and Lori. Always so full of love. The picture of Disney on Ice is a wonderful moment of celebrating life together. May the days ahead be filled with joy as you prepare to get Lizzy ‘s port removed. Can not wait to rejoice with you and your family.

  3. Prayers for Lizzy to stay on track & continues to get well. Disney on ice must have been amazing, miss those days with my boys.

  4. What a great company to work for to bless you time and time again ! The girls must have been so excited to be at the ice show!
    I’m glad the end date is the same and that the end is in sight!
    Sending our love to your family, ❤️

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