So This is The New Normal

When this journey began 2 months ago (it’s only been 2 months? Really? Wow, it sure seems longer than that!), we knew we were headed for a New Normal.  But we really had no idea what that New Normal would like.  Nor did we know what adjustments we would have to make, what battles lie ahead, what obstacles we would encounter, what victories we would enjoy.  In short, we didn’t know what we didn’t know!

I think we are finally beginning to get some answers.

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Snow and Scanxiety!

We had an early start to our appointment yesterday because it was the first of many “Scan” days.  For the first year of treatment, Lizzy will get “scans” every 3 months.  The scans consist of an ultrasound and an x-ray.

Scan days start early – we were supposed to be in Cincy at 6:30am.  We left the house around 5am, which, under normal circumstances, would have been just right for a 6:30am arrival.  However, when we pulled out of the driveway, this is what we saw –

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They found her!!

They have located my friend’s daughter and she is safe!!!  Thank you God for answered prayers and thank you to all you prayer warriors who joined us in praying for her safe return!!

URGENT Prayer needed for my friend’s daughter

Dear friends – there are so many of you who read this blog who are tremendous prayer warriors. We have seen the results of your prayers and are so grateful for them.

I am asking all you prayer warriors to join me in immediate prayer for my friend’s 9 yr old daughter.  I just got word that she has gone missing in the woods behind their home. Police and dogs are now on scene looking for her. It’s about 32 degrees right now where they live.

Please pray for a quick and safe return and please pray for strength for her Mom and Dad.