She’s “gaining” on it!

First, our family hopes each one of you had a wonderful Christmas time filled with family and friends.  Having been 1,000 miles from home in a hospital room on Thanksgiving made being at home surrounded by family that much sweeter this Christmas.  We are learning more acutely the concept of being “present” each moment of each day, because in the blink of an eye, it could all change.

Yesterday was chemo day.  One of the issues that came up last week was Lizzy’s weight (or lack of).  When she first came to us 3.5 years ago, her weight  was at the 2nd percentile.  Over the course of the 3.5 years, we had managed to boost her weight up to around the 20th percentile, which is where she was this past August for her 4 year old checkup.  However, after a week in the hospital, surgery, and the removal of a very large tumor, her weight is back down to just under the 3rd percentile.  So last week we met with a dietician and she gave us some suggestions on how to boost Lizzy’s weight back up – basically find something she will eat and give her lots of it!!  Lots of carbs, protein and even sugar – just get her to eat.

Well, gaining weight happens to be a particular area of expertise for me, so we basically put her on the Daddy Diet – pizza, macaroni & cheese, ice cream, etc.  It’s a really delicious diet.  And it works!  Try that diet for a week and I guarantee you will gain some weight!!

 (Lizzy and Daddy with the Daddy Diet – Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake for Daddy, Ice Cream cone for Lizzy)

We are pleased to report that after a week on the Daddy Diet, Lizzy is gaining weight!!  She gained about .5kg since last week (.5 kg is just over 1 pound), so it is working!  Now, for those of you worried about nutrition, we are in fact still feeding her fruits and vegetables, we are just supplementing those foods with the higher calorie items to help boost her calorie intake.  Lori is a very healthy eater and she makes sure Lizzy is getting a lot of “good for you” food as well.

So, after the good news on the weight gain, the rest of the visit was relatively “routine”.  Funny how a 4 hour clinic visit where your daughter is injected with very potent chemicals can become “routine”, but that’s the world we live in now, so we are thankful for “routine”.  Lizzy got the 2 drug regimen this time, did a great job during both the port access and de-access, and overall was just really the “small but fierce” little girl that we know and love.

Meanwhile, big sis got to spend the day with Connor and Caitlin (and dog Zoe), who are in from Colorado for a few days.  It was great for her to get that special time with her big brother and new big sister – we are truly blessed by our children.

We continue to receive love and support and prayers from so many of you – we truly are touched by it all and so appreciate it.  We say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and we are anxious to Pay It Forward to others.

6 Replies to “She’s “gaining” on it!”

  1. We know that diet well this time of year! Peppermint kisses are also good for weight gain 😂. So glad God is so faithful. Continued prayers for Lizzy and your whole family😊.

  2. Fantastic news on the weight gain. Thank you for sharing the insights you gain as you travel this road. We all benefit from reading them. Sending our love to you all. Give the girls a hug for us! Deb and Brian

  3. She is a blessed little girl to have the love of her family and friends. Thanks for sharing on this site and my thoughts and prayers are with you all!

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