3 small words – amazingly BIG impact!

Words are important.  In their simplest form, they are just letters put together in certain patterns.  Letters by themselves are relatively insignificant, but when certain letters are put together in certain patterns, words are formed.  And while on a practical level words are just strings of letters, words are so much more that.  Words carry meaning.  Words convey emotion.  Words have power.  Words have implications.  And you don’t need a lot of words for meaning, emotion, power and implications to occur.  Today, it only took 3 words for this to happen.

Today was Chemo Treatment #3.  It was another early morning as we rolled out of the driveway at 6am with our precious cargo falling back asleep as we headed toward our 8am appointment time.  She is such an amazing little girl!

 (Lizzy and her “twin” Maya)

 (Getting ready for the “poke”)

Once we arrived, got checked in, had vital signs checked, and placed in our room, the steady parade of visitors began the now routine process.  A nurse came in to review Lizzy’s medical history.  The Child Life Specialist came in to see how we were doing and reconnect with Liz (along with “twin” Maya).  Another nurse came in with the infusion pump.  The Nurse Practitioner came in to get updates on the past week. And that’s when it happened.  The doctor burst into the room and uttered 3 words.  It’s just a collection of letters put together in a certain pattern.  But boy oh boy, the meaning, the emotion, the power, the implications . . . .

“It’s Stage 2!”

My head starts spinning trying to process what that means. Stage 2 – that means NO BREACH!  Stage 2 – that means NO RADIATION! Stage 2 – that means no more consults with a Fertility Specialist.  Stage 2 – that means 2 drug regimen instead of 3.  Stage 2 – that means 19 weeks of treatment instead of 30!  IT’S STAGE 2.  IT’S STAGE 2!    IT’S.  STAGE.  2.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 more words – THANK YOU GOD!!!!

I know there are still obstacles to overcome, and there will still be some peaks and valleys.  But a MAJOR issue is now behind us and we only look onward and upward from here.

As we drove home from the appointment today, I began thinking about 3 words.  The doctor’s statement “It’s Stage 2” kept echoing in my mind, and I replayed that scene over and over again.  And then my mind went to another place.  To 3 other words that I knew.  3 words that conveyed incredible meaning, unbelievable emotion, ultimate power and everlasting implications:

It is Finished.

When Jesus uttered those words on the cross, the victory was won.  Satan was defeated.  Death is no longer the end.  Jesus paid the price for our sin and made a way for us to spend eternity with Him.  By His sacrifice, His actions conveyed 3 more words:

I Love You!

Dear Friends, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior this Christmas season, we invite you to join us  as we say:

Thank You God!

We Love You!

30 Replies to “3 small words – amazingly BIG impact!”

  1. Thank you for those three words! Sometimes we get so busy with our lives we truly forget how thankful we should be for our blessings. We are so very happy for you guys and pray that Liz continues to improve with the help of God our savior. Dennis, you have a wonderful family and a great mother!

  2. I am in tears!!!!! Tears of joy!!!!! Answered prayer!!!!! Still praying but what a wonderful gift!!!!!!! Hugs to all!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful testimony Dennis, Lori and Lizzy ! Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus ! Have a very Merry Christmas indeed Brooks family ! Love You All !

  4. Dennis you have such a beautiful way with “words”. Thank you for including all of us in the battle against this ugly cancer that has attacked our precious Lizzy. She will win!

  5. What wonderful news! Know that I have been praying for Lizzy, family & all involved with her care. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of leaning on & trusting God. All of the Simpson family has been thinking of you. God bless & hope you guys have a very merry Christmas! Love you, Sheri

  6. Wonderful News and God is Good!! Well put and what a blessing is our Lord and Savior….you to Lizzy. Merry Christmas Lizzy and family! Praying for you all…..

  7. Amazing! We are so relieved. In the midst of all that you and your family have gone through, there is still so much to be grateful for! We love you! Let’s just pray for more good news every week as she beats this whole thing!

  8. That’s is such great news! Our Lord is The Great Physician! Thank you for the updates. Tell Lizzie we continue to pray for her.

  9. We are re-reading this again. Wonderful news indeed.! Wonderful insight. And testimony.
    Thank you for writing and letting us to take this journey with you. Your sweet family is in our prayers.
    Merry Christmas Brooks family!

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