Roller Coaster time while we wait

We’ve had some up and down moments over the past several days while we continue to wait for news about what the doctors have decided about Breach or No Breach.  And Yes, that means we still haven’t heard anything from the doctors about a final determination.

Late Thursday night we had our first few episodes of nausea with Lizzy.  The first time it happened, Lizzy was laying in her bed and told Lori that her belly hurt.  Lori went in Lizzy’s room and laid down beside her to comfort her.  A few minutes later – here it came!  Lori jumped out of bed and rushed Lizzy to the bathroom.  There was a trail of “stuff” from the bed to the hallway to the toilet.  I don’t think Lori has moved that fast in a long time!  Sitting in front of the toilet, Lizzy looked up at Lori and said “I can’t wait to tell Treas that I threw up in the middle of the night, and this is scary”!  Always thinking about her big sis!

Unfortunately there were 2 more episodes that night.  We called the clinic and they instructed us to give her some of her anti-nausea medicine and it worked pretty quickly to stop the outflow – it was a long night!

Yesterday (Friday), Lizzy had to get some blood drawn to check her “counts” (white blood cell count, red blood cell count and platelets).  She was very apprehensive about getting “poked” again.

We are able to do the outpatient lab work locally at Norton Children’s Brownsboro location.  So, Lori took her to Brownsboro.  The nurse who drew the blood was very good and she was able to numb the area before the “poke”. It was a very good experience for Lizzy, but when she came home, she held her arm straight down by her side and said “I just got blood “drawling” so I can’t move my arm”.  And for about 30 minutes, she didn’t move that arm at all – it was pretty cute!

Later on Friday Lori called the Cincy clinic to get the lab results.  The nurse told her that all of her counts were normal!!  Thank you God!!!!

When we decided to set up this blog site, Lori and I debated quite a lot on what the name of the blog should be.  Lori is the one who suggested “small but fierce” and she couldn’t have been more accurate.  If you think in terms of boxing movies, Lizzy is way better than Rocky!  Over the last 4 weeks, we have watched this little, petite sweetheart take punch after punch and body blow after body blow.  And for a short time, those punches knock her down.  But boy oh boy is she fierce!  Every single time, she gets up off the mat, shakes it off and says “I’m still here and I’m still fighting”!  She is incredibly resilient and SHE IS FIERCE!!

Lori keeps saying that what we are going through now is only adding to the incredible testimony Lizzy already has about how God has worked in her life.  And she is right on.  God has done, and is doing, amazing things through this little girl and we are so excited to see how she is already touching lives!

Thank you for your continued support – the cards, emails, comments on the blog and meals delivered to our home all serve as encouragement and acts of love that mean so much to us.  And most importantly, thank you for your prayers – that is what sustains us.  We love you all!

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  1. Small but fierce is perfect for this sweet girl! ❤ I hate that she is experiencing the side effects of her treatment, but am glad she is so resilient. I was so happy to see her at school. Her friends talked about her for the rest of the day! We will continue to send love and prayers for Lizzy and you all!

  2. Hate to hear that nausea started but glad the meds stopped it quickly! We continue to pray. Every time I drive by, which is a lot, I reach out to God!

  3. Chemo meds are just so potent on her little body! They make grown people sick also! So happy that Lizzy’s labs are where they need to be and that Lori can still sprint. You rock girls! Continue to lift all of you up in prayer and praying hard that no breach is the final diagnosis!

  4. Denny and Lori:
    Please know that people in other states are praying for your little daughter also. Just because we moved to TN many years ago doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about all the times you and our family were together. We are heartbroken that your little one is having to endure this. Hugs to you both. Our love, Sue & Jim

  5. Praying every morning for Lizzy and all of her family. She is a fierce little one of God’s children. Always know God has all of you covered. Love Shirle

  6. Praising God that her cell count is good! So sad she had to experience the side effects of her treatment.
    God has definitely put a fierce spirit in that sweet little girl!
    I am celebrating every victory with you and expecting miracles for your sweet daughter! ❤️

  7. We’re thinking of you all and keeping you in our prayers. Hope Lizzy gets some relief from all the pain and nausea. She is such a cutie. So sorry she is having to go through all this. I know God has her in his arms. Love to all. Phyllis and John

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