A bone biopsy is no fun 🙁

Lizzy had a bone biopsy this morning to figure out what the spot is on her pelvic bone. The interventional radiologist seemed to think it was probably a natural occurrence, but we have to be 100% sure, thus the biopsy.  We were told we should get results of the biopsy in 2-3 days.

In order to remove part of the bone, they insert a needle down to the pelvic bone, then they actually drill out a part of the bone, which fractures the pelvis. Needless to say, it wasn’t fun 😞.

But our Lizzy is “small but fierce” and she is already showing signs of bouncing back!

Lizzy wanted to sleep in her own bed tonight, so we will be home tonight and then drive back to Cincy tomorrow for her first chemo treatment.

As always, thank you for the love and support and most importantly, the prayers.

7 Replies to “A bone biopsy is no fun 🙁”

  1. This hurts my heart so bad for all of you ! Glad the biopsy is over and praying for the results to be a natural occurrence. Will be praying for you, Lizzy’s medical team and Lizzy as she starts her chemo tomorrow. Let this mixture of drugs eradicate all cancer cells! Lizzy you are the strongest and bravest little girl we know and I am sure Santa is going to bring you something really special this year! Love to all <3

  2. I hate to see sweet Lizzy in pain. Praying for her comfort and healing. We continue to send love and prayers for you all!

  3. It just breaks my heart to see her without that beautiful smile. So thankful for doctors and medical staff who are taking such good care of her! Praying the worst is behind you all. ❤️

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