2 tumors and a spot

On Wednesday morning we met the Oncology team, led by Dr. Franklin (attending), Dr. Ross (Fellow) and Dr. Mijer (Resident).  The unexpected series of events continued – the CT scan revealed 2 tumors (not 1) and a spot on Lizzy’s pelvic bone that was of unknown origin.  Both tumors appeared to be either coming out of or attached to the kidney and it would all need to be removed, including the kidney.  And more scans were needed to determine what the spot was on her pelvic bone.

There was discussion that the needed surgery could possibly happen as soon as Wednesday afternoon.  However, it was the day before Thanksgiving and the Wednesday OR time was pretty much booked, so we were told we would aim for surgery on Friday.  That meant a Thanksgiving 1,000 miles from home. At a hospital.  With a sick little girl.  Ugh!

Well, if you’re going to spend Thanksgiving 1,000 miles from home, at least you should have a view from your hospital room that looks like this:

We had hiked up one of those mountains in the background just a couple of days ago.  That seemed like such a distant memory, yet the mountains were still beautiful and majestic and a constant reminder of a creator God who is bigger and stronger than we can possibly imagine!

So, with Thanksgiving staring us in the face, it was time to make the best of the situation.  First up, a tour of the hospital in the princess wagon!

And thanks to some wonderful volunteers, it was craft time in the hospital lobby!


And a big shout out to my colleagues at Straightaway for arranging a delivered meal from Ted’s Montana Grill – delicious!

As we celebrated Thanksgiving, Lori and I were overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the love and support and prayers that were coming our way.  People from all over the country were praying for us, many of whom we didn’t even know.  And most of all, we were grateful that God had brought Lizzy into our family.  Even though she was 9 months old when she came to us, at age 4 she is our daughter and we wouldn’t want any other family to be with her during this journey.  We are so blessed!!

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  1. She is a child of the most high God. He has her in the palm of his hand. My great nephew had this and he and his Lord won the battle. Cancer free! His parents and Cannon are praying and I am praying and believing for you! I believe in miracle healings! God Bless! Carolyn McKee, Indiana

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