There is a mass on her kidney . . .

The urgent care visit was going smoothly.  The staff were very attentive, professional and extremely nice.  After getting a medical history and hearing the story of why we brought Lizzy to the Urgent Care, the doctor (Dr. Van Horne) performed a routine physical exam.

Dr. Van Horne listened to our “expert” opinions about Lizzy’s lethargy being related to altitude sickness (after all, we were in the Mile High City), or maybe a virus or worst case scenario – appendicitis.  She listened, smiled and simply said “I’m going to get some blood work and let’s do an ultrasound to check out the abdomen”.  We assumed the ultrasound was to confirm (or deny) our suspicions about appendicitis, but Dr. Van Horne would later reveal to us that she had felt the mass upon physical exam and knew she needed to get a better idea of what was going on inside our little Lizzy.

Blood was drawn and while we waited for those results, the ultrasound was performed.  As we waited, I started getting anxious about our flight home.  The flight was scheduled for 4:15p, but all of our stuff was still at the hotel (unpacked) along with 4 members of our family.  Plus we had a rental car to return, a shuttle to catch from the car rental to the terminal, and of course TSA security lines to navigate.  How long does it take to tell us yes or no to appendicitis?  We need this process to speed up because we have a plane to catch!

After some period of time, Dr. Van Horne walked in and uttered a sentence that absolutely rocked our world – “Lizzy has a mass on her kidney and it needs to come out.”

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